Stepping Into the Wendler Program


I was wondering if with my current maxes it is OK to start training with wendler.
Current maxes are;
Bench 143 kg / 315 lbs 1rm… Tested.
Squat 115 kg / 250 lbs 2rm… Also tested
Deadlift 165 kg / 365 lbs 1rm… Idem dito
I know it’s weird my bench is that much higher in comparison to my lower body work. But I made the mistake in my first year’s of training to skip leg day. Have been training legs for about half a year now, twice weekly.

I myself like training with the Simplest Strength template.

Would it be OK if it looked something like this.

Day 1 Press 531, sst chest, another sst chest (In bbb you have like 5 sets submaximal, this way it’s like 6 sets submaximal divided over 2 more exercises for variety) all pressing supersetted with back work (pull ups, rows, rear delt.

Day 2 Deadlift 531, sst quad, 2nd sst quad. Supersetted with abs

Day 3 Bench press 531, sst shoulder, 2nd sst shoulder. All pressing supersetted with back exercises.

Day 4 squat 531, sst floor pull, 2nd sst lower back. Supersetted with abs.

Occasionally throw in some light sets for biceps and triceps pumps on the upper days…

I have currently done 1 week like this and my workouts don’t take any longer than 50 - 60 minutes. Not counting warming up and stretching.

I would like to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance


If Jim is willing to let you train with him, you’re good.

Or, if you mean using his programming, you’re also good. He trains high school kids. You are fine. You don’t need to have a certain level before you begin training well.



my maxes are nowhere as high as yours, and they dont matter.
What matters are principles and continuity.

Read up on the books. Understand them. Apply. Profit.


Thx for the replies until now… Any suggestions about my mentioned current training schedule?

Yes, I stopped reading when I read this:

In bbb you have like 5 sets submaximal, this way it’s like 6 sets submaximal divided over 2 more exercises for variety

You are overthinking and already going way out of the tried and true templates that Jim has been working on for years.

Choose a template from the book and follow it to the T.