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Starting My Next Blast


more than 90% of you’re demographic, you look better than about 99.9 percent of 50 y/os (the other 0.1 percent being others on cycle and extreme gentic anomalies)


This is a pretty good blast and you’re not feeling anything? Hmm. Same source for your gear? Have you had blood work done to see where you are?


You’re too kind young Skywalker! :joy:


I started on Nov 21st. My guess is it takes Tcyp 40days to steady state(double what you inject in your blood) so it just has not been long enough. You know how impatient us guys can get.

I have stepped it up at the gym quite a lot and I’m sore as hell. My other theory is I’ve been on TRT for over 3 years and have not done any kind of blast for over a year and a half. My last blast I over did it had HCT issues(54%) then from donating blood had ferritin issues. Took almost a year to get everything back and stable.

My body now seems to react differently. Like it is used to it.
The last time my TT was >1500 I was chasing the wifey around the house like a 16 year old that just go layed for the first time.

My Tcyp is from the pharmacist and my last full blood panel was August. It was for the usual TRT 6 month checkup. TT-650 FT-39 SHGB-22 E2-27 prolactin-8 ferritin-109

What do you think about the theory of the body on TRT gets kind of used to it?
Ops, sorry SD I did not mean to derail your thread with my issue.


Seems reasonable to me. I thought I read something about Androgen receptor sites getting saturated? Maybe that’s whats happening.

I know my current blast is treating me differently too. I think its the NPP. Normally, like you, I’m crazy for sex all the time. This time, I’m more calm about missing it. Something is happening though, but it might be the HGH or a synergistic effect but my weight is going down and I’m losing bodyfat even though my appetite is going up.


That is good news. I can’t afford real GH it is stupid expensive for me. I have experimented with blood test using combinations of 2:1 Sermorelin and Ipamorelin. My IGF-1 was 97 and after 6 months of 1000/500 of S and I it went to 150 mid scale. I have not retested to see if it goes back to the 90’s with out it. That experiment is still going on.


You know, I looked at the peptides before buying the GH and the peptides were still expensive. I know I cant talk sources and I’m not trying to show my “milkshake” but 300 IU at 5 IU/day would give you a 60 day blast and cost around $450. Its alot, I know but after having been on for a while, it seems like GH is my magic bullet.

I should note however, that with my sleep apnea, I don’t think my natural GH production is functioning at all and that’s why I’m getting the response that I am.


I buy Sermorelin and Ipamorelin from the US for 30bucks each for 5mg you have to buy your own bac water and syringes. Since it is a nightly injection I prefer 31ga easy touch. I also buy my BAC157 there as well. All work very well with no bad side effect.


Interesting. Maybe I should look again and I could use the peptides between GH cycles.

I pin nightly too and use insulin needles.


I’m so jealous of you guys with your GH and peptides. I wish I’d had such a good experience with them.


I think you need to give it another shot, brother. The water will go away and then you’ll be “churnin and burnin” :joy:


What dosages do you guys use for sermorelin and GHRP2?


My favorite song lyric(hint hint haha) Nothing but “Blue Sky” do I see.


I have wondered and worried if you inject GH does your bodies natural GH stop like T production does with TRT?
The thing I like about Sermorelin and Ipamorelin is they both stimulate your body to make more natural GH. That just sounds better. I guess if your body can’t make more then it is all for nothing.


Yes, taking exogenous HGH messes with your pituitary and inhibits its own production. This is the big touting factor that peptides boast as they do not do this.


Any experience with how long it takes post-GH use for natural production to get back to normal?


The reason I’m not worried about this right now is that with my sleep apnea, I am almost certain that my natural GH production is messed up. That’s why I think with my GH cycle combined with my blast, I’m having better fat loss results than I ever have before.

After I get my sinus surgery and hopefully cure my apnea, my natural GH production will return.


I don’t have any personal experience. I read a few articles that showed suppression of your own HGH, not complete shut down. One article I read stated a return to normal function fairly quickly after stopping. Maybe you could ping Physio. Unreal loves the research I bet he could find some studies on that.


Suppression of HGH appears to be reversible, whether the suppression is partial or full with depend on the dose (negative feedback look GNRH) given the pituitary gland secrets GH at night and then HL of HGH is 2.5 hrs, one could (potentially I may very well be wrong here) just shoot first thing in the morning and not achieve full suppression as HGH would be just about outcome sleep… Time.


Interesting… I’ve been wondering for a while if natural HGH secretion would be messed up if injecting. I have taken low dose HGH on two separate occasions for about two months each time and when I stopped I really felt like crap for weeks after stopping… Testing IGF-1 next week to make my levels are back to normal (;