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Starting My Next Blast


Update: So during the water gain phase of the HGH, I peaked out at 222, but just as rapidly as the weight came on, its coming right back off. I’ve never run HGH before so I went into it blind. I gained weight at almost a pound a day for about 2 weeks, then as of last week, it started coming off and the fat burning is starting. I weighed in last night at the gym at about 205 which is 17 pounds less than I was about 10 - 12 days ago. I’m starting to see some more definition around the midsection, more so than in a long time.

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Edit: I’ve also tweaked my shoulder somehow and I’m hoping the 4 IU of GH/day will help heal whatever it is I’ve done. I’m avoiding any direct shoulder work for now.


Awesome man. Are you running metformin as well? @studhammer


Yes sir I have been since you recommended it a few months ago


@studhammer awesome. It takes about eight weeks to really manifest. It works primarily by altering the microbiome. It’s why when you see idiots on here saying “I take it with cheat meals” they have zero clue. It’s not an acute medicine.

Growth can make you insulin resistant so it’s good to be on it.


First thing in the morning force yourself to drink as much water as you can. I can usually do 16 ozs. We wake up dehydrated and your brain will tell your body to hold water. If you can start your day fully hydrated the body will start dumping water like you have never seen. I did not believe it until I tried it myself. It really works.

I know how you tweaked your shoulder. You don’t get basketball delts without pain. Finding exersizes that keeps the should healthy is the trick.

It really sounds like you are entering the max gains zone in you cycle. Eat eat eat. Don’t forget to give your muscle groups 48 hours to rest and grow. We only grow on rest days.


In which area of the shoulder is the pain (diagram would be nice), most “shoulder” injuries in the gym are actually a rotator cuff strain and/or injury, the rotator cuff is a complex bunch of muscles, so if it is a rotator cuff injury it’s important to figure out which muscle/muscles of the rotator cuff have been affected in order to treat/heal the issue ASAP (because a serious injury can put you out for many months)


That’s awesome man! I’ve never run growth, but hear it’s pretty amazing stuff. I run peptides and find them pretty effective as well. Are you done with test and npp blast? If not how much longer do you have. I was glad to be done with deca. Felt much better within a week of being off of it. Keep up the good work man!


If you remember, I’ve had both RC repaired so I’m pretty familiar with shoulder issues. A couple of weeks ago I decided to do dumbbell bench with 100s and one got away from me and I felt it tweak my left shoulder. I dont think its torn, more likely inflamed or being impinged on by a bone spur. Of course it didnt help that I did chest the following week followed by shoulder presses.


Based on your results with the sermorelin I wouldn’t anyway. Your labs showed a huge response to the peptides. Almost makes me want to give them a try.


No still running about 300 NPP and 600 Test/week.

It was different for me for sure. I LOVED the water gain. Shit, my knees felt like they were wrapped in rubber when I squatted. Felt so nice, but on the other hand, the water was making my feet and ankles swell up. Shit one time my calves were visibly bigger overnight from water retention.It was all very weird.

Now that the water is going away I’m really seeing some changes in my midsection. I’m sleeping better and generally feeling better.

Turns out I’ve suffered from sleep anea for while now and I think its had an impact on my natural GH production. With me supplementing my GH at night before bed, everything is starting to catch up. We just ordered some more GH and my wife is going to get on with me this time. We should have enough for about 60 more days. That will give me about 3 months on. If she wants, I am happy to stay on but she is the CFO.


I tried to find info as to what your IGF1 levels would look like on like 4iu daily and couldn’t find any info. You gonna getclabs done while your on? Mine have been as high as 316 on peptides. Just curious as to the comparison. Wonder if the smart guy knows??? @physioLojik


I want to but I just burned up all my FSA money on this stupid sinus center eval. I’m going to have sinus surgery next month and they are going REAM me out! LOL. I have 95% blockage of my sinuses and I need to get that fixed.


I’ve had this surgery. They won’t tell you but in 3 months you will have to go under the knife again to remove scar tissue. For me it was $8K per op f-ing crooks. I did have company med ins but still.
You should ask them what’s the ods a second surgery will be required to remove scar tissue. Then watch them squirm.


So I check in on this thread to ask about the water weigh gain and the sinus surgery post got me distracted.
SH have you though about a cutting phase on your last couple weeks of this cycle? I ask because even before this cycle in your pre cycle pictures it is very obvious you have some really good muscle development but it is all covered in 1/2 in of too many pizza’s and beer for lunch.

Getting to 12-15% BF would really showoff your gains. Not judging just suggesting.


Actuality the GH seems to really be helping shed the body fat. Hopefully my next pics will reflect that.

Edit: As I get older my desire to be “cut” diminishes with age. At 53 years old I already am more fit and carry more muscle than probably 90% of my demographic. I’ve done all that in the past and living a life based on calories can impact a family. My wife and I enjoy eating out together, that’s where I splurge. Otherwise I do eat clean.

Here’s a pic from this morning


Looking great, man. I’m very very interested in how the sermorelin has been treating you. I lasted about seven days on it before I had to stop it because of the pure misery of the water gain. I felt like a buffalo if buffalos were somehow even more fat. I’m glad to hear that it’s worked for you.


Thank you brother. Appreciate that.

From my understanding, sermorelin isnt GH, its a GH secretagogue. I’m taking UGL somatropin.

You really have to stick out the water retention. I was carrying at least 14 pounds of water and my legs were swelling up. I also had been on prednisone for bronchitis which added to the water.


Nice, can definitely see more muscle mass from your last pic. Looking beastly.

You still hanging for your shoulders?


Yes sir. I started up again because I tweaked my left delt by being stupid with a 100 dumbbell. Now I’m a little sore and avoiding direct shoulder work. But I am hanging and doing elephant swings with a kettlebell


That is always the tricky part for us older guys on a blast. How far can we take it? There is just no good advice out there one can trust. I am currently trying a 400/wk for 8 weeks because I waited too long and my 6 month is due in mid Feb. I’m 4 weeks in and not feeling much more than my std TRt dose of 120/wk. I probably should have waited.

Your picture reminds me of the old 20’s boxers.