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Starting My Next Blast

I just got my order in and I’m ready to start my next blast.

I’ll be running 500 Test E and 300 NPP/week for 12 weeks. As usual, I’ll be pinning 2 x a week. E2 control will be with Nolvadex. I’ll start with EOD and see how I feel and then move to ED if necessary.

I’m hoping for about a 15 lbs gain. Its hard for me to increase my food intake because my appetite is not always the greatest. I’m hoping the added gear will help increase my appetite.

Awesome. I’m watching. Make sure and keep this updated. Suck it up and eat that food. Force feed. How much nolvadex eod? 20mg?

My capsules are 25 mg from a UGL. This guy’s products are great so I’m not worried about it, just want to make sure I don’t over do it. Based on physioLojik’s posts, it seems unlikely to crash E2 with Nolva but I just want to take enough to prevent any negative sides.

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Awesome! Best of luck man! Let me know how you do with nolva vs anastrozol. Considering switching as well. Just make yourself eat. It’s much easier to get the calories in smaller quantities so I try to eat at least 6 meals a day. I know that can be difficult with work schedules and all, but you can do it.

Let us know how you like the NPP. Have you taken it before? I’m almost four weeks into a test e/deca blast at 600/300 and already up 7lbs and eating 3500 calories at 250p 400c 100f.

I’m fairly new here… what have your past blasts been like and what’s your cruise test dose? Here’s to an awesome productive blast!

Hey brother, thanks for the great reply.

I have done several blasts during my last 4 years (when I took over my own TRT). Slowly making gains along the way. Probably have gained about 30 pounds in the last 4 years. I’m 53 years old and 5’7" and right now I’m running about 205 at 17% BF. Not super lean but I feel good and look pretty good for my age and past injuries.

I’m definitely going to have to cut before next summer but I’ve got a good 3 months of cold weather comfort food to help me make the gains I want.

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That’s awesome. Based on past blasts, I usually end up making up the calorie deficit with a mass gainer shake. I can add 1500 cals per shake if I wanted to using whole milk to the shake but its like drinking cake batter! LOL

Pics or it doesn’t count. :smiley:

:face_vomiting: I think I just puked on my mouth a little! I couldn’t handle that. Rather shovel the chicken, rice and broccoli! For me eating well isn’t a matter of discipline it’s all pre planning. If the foods made ahead of time I eat perfectly. If I’m rumaging around for something or eating out that’s when things go bad.

I know but its amazing the stuff I’ve learned to choke down over the years.

Agree 100% and I used to be better in the past. Nowadays I commute 1 hour each way, then gym after work, then cooking, eating dinner, then getting ready for the next day and finally some down time with the wife and its already 11 pm! So I take my calories when I can and usually in the form a shake.

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You can always try weight gain shakes, they’re full of sugar and simple carbs, but if raw bulk is what you want and your body can tolerate them it might be the way to go, however (no offence) you are 53, shoveling in weight gain shakes would be putting un needed stress on your body. When I used to drink them all the time I’d get bloating, gas, diorreah, headaches, nausea, dizziness, rapid heart rate and whatnot. (Turns out my body cannot tolerate glucose), however I didn’t know that until a few months ago.

Gear does tend to stimulate appetite, not sure why though, good luck, I’ll be watching.

Little update today. Not all good news I’m afraid.

I’ve pinned twice now. Each pin had 250 mg Test and 150 mg NPP. Everything was going great. My appetite has increased, I’m feeling strong in the gym and generally feeling warmer than usual.

I had sex with my wife Wednesday night (successfully) and tried again last night and lost my erection before I could finish. I tried to chalk it up to being hungry and tired after a good workout. Tried again this morning and absolutely NO RESPONSE!

I guess the NPP has given me ED. So I need to make some adjustments obviously. Should I:

  1. Keep everything the same and add Prami
  2. Add Prami and reduce NPP and keep Test the same
  3. Add Prami, reduce NPP and increase Test; or
  4. Add Prami and stop NPP altogether?

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Gentlemen I need some advice. I can’t have the little studhammer out of commission.

I know if it was me I’d drop that chit like a hot rock right out the camp fire. I’d drop it and continue on a test only with the nolvadex but I’m certainly no expert. Hopefully someone with some deca or npp experience can contribute.

Only 2 pins. Seems like it happened really REALLY fast.

No kidding. Took me by surprise. I’ve run NPP before but from another source and didnt have any issues

you’re talking about less than 24 hours of symptoms. That’s not enough time to diagnose this. Sorry to say that, but I think you need to be patient, and see if the symptoms persist for at least a few more days before changing anything.

If you do decide to change something, just drop the NPP entirely. It’s not necessary for any goal.


So each time I’ve taken NPP (and I used far lower doses) I noticed a slight, but noticable decrease in libido, I didn’t find it to be a problem though, I could still get an erection. I can imagine higher doses would exacerbate the issue. I haven’t taken nandrolone for a while now, and I think I’m actually going to throw out my remaining NPP (because what’s the point of having it if I’m not going to use it, I’m injured and nand helps but the potential long term cardiac issues associated with nandrolone as evident in vitro and in flawed animal models (but aren’t as much associated with test) aren’t worth it), think about it, what is nandrolone going to do for you (aside make your joints feel like a million bucks) that other anabolic’s won’t. Given it’s a bit too early to tell if it’s the nandrolone causing this issue as you’ve only taken two pins, however if sexual prowess is a priority for you, then why take the risk right?

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All true. Thank you.

Its difficult because when I make a plan I usually see it to fruition. It was not a lot of money but there’s always the issue that I took the risk of ordering/acquiring steroids and now I can’t reap the rewards of my risk. Its my nature to look for solutions when faced with a hurdle to my end goal. So stopping goes against my grain but I’m not stupid enough to cause myself harm.

Thanks Flip. Patience is definitely not my best virtue!

you still have test don’t you? Make good use of it!

Yeah, this can be a one time thing, there are plenty of possible explanations, so like flip said, don’t jump the gun just yet.