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Starting Again - Again!


The Ok so I’ve started lifting again - again

28 years old
Around 105kg
Guesstimate 28-30% body fat

Done my weight through bar -> Harris benedict theory
That came up at 3000cals daily to put me into a defecit I am knockin that to 2500 cals

Macro breakdown
Pro: 35% (~185g)
Car: 45% (~235g)
Fat: 20% (~47g)

Workout looking at splitting


I do footy on a Thursday night

So looks like something like
Mon: Legs
Tues: Push
Wed: Pull

ROUTINE ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT along with and basic constructive criticism.

Cheers all


My goals are fat loss ultimately down to 12/15% though lets just say I’d like to get to ~ 25% so about 3.45k of fat off


Carbs too high, replace with fats.
Protein could be a little higher.

Split sucks. Maybe a full body 3x a week and hiit 2-3 times a week?!

Just not what you posted.


x2 with JFG

Look up pretty much any Waterbury program -full body will lean you out faster


Im not sure what advice we can give with this info other than the formula is an estimate - not a rule so adjust as you see (or dont see) results.

You may also want to consider spreading your workload a little.

I personally wouldn’t drop carbs until I’m not losing weight.


Cheers all

@tsantos what information would help you further mate?

@RampantBadger @JFG Cheers Lads, why would you lower carbs? I will check our a waterbury program…any in-particular?

Regarding protein, i’ve always struggled to get “that” much protein in, and I’ve based it in LBM…always open to links with more ideas on getting more.


It’s generally easier to lose fat with lower carbs. Down the track, you can get great results cycling them but easier on it is often easier to just cut them down.


Cycling is a bit further than I wanted to go, especially reading recent articles on here where it seems to have little effect on fat loss.

what sort of Macro breakdown would we prescribe?


I would. And right away.

200g sounds likes good start.


these work well…


Why does a push/pull/legs split suck? (Hint: it doesn’t suck)

Granted, the OP might not be structuring his workouts well, but the basic concept is reasonable. If I was going to lift 3 times a week (and I often do), I’d probably have a pressing-oriented day, a squat-oriented day, and a deadlift-oriented day… which amounts to a push/pull/legs split. When I can get into the gym 4 times in a week, I just add an extra pressing day. Or a ‘variety day’ (which for me is training on strongman implements).


The PPL doesn’t suck. It’s an amazing protocol, WHEN USED PROPERLY.

I used to do something similar to you that I added a fourth day during the week instead of 6/1 or 3/1/3/1 or well, you get the idea. I was training for slalom at the time. Got an extra day of high rep leg training.

The problem above is the structure. HIIT and footy (hate that name) on the same day!
And unless his Monday is structured for pure strength, well…

His split sucks because it has no structure. Then again, unless he posts his sets and reps, I stand by my statements.


I have no idea what footy is. I just assumed it was another word for gay sex, so I ignored it.

As far as the HIIT goes, I figured conditioning work once a week wouldn’t really affect his training much at all.

I agree that with the idea that he is probably not doing the right things in the context of each of these days. The words push, pull, and legs don’t actually constitute a routine. The fact that he believed that was a sufficient explanation of his training leads me to believe his training probably does suck. With you on that.

I would also like a more detailed explanation of you workout template, OP. What, specifically, did you do in the last week?


Um, why are we criticising his routine when we don’t know what it is yet?