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Stacked Sets in the SSP


For those running the SSP, in phase 2, the Stars and Stripes, when you’re running the AVT1 version there’s something I like to do now and again on days when I’m feeling good, and want some extra volume in there.

I call it a stacked set. So after you run your two rounds of the compound movement, rest 3 minutes then do an AMRAP set with the last weight you made it to on the last round. You can use this as a sort of progressive overload gauge as well. So if you hit 11 reps with it in the last session on that movement, then clearly shoot for 12+ this time.

Some people may find due to fatigue that progressing on the AVT methods come slow. You still want to adhere to them due to the metabolic stress. But if you find the progressive overload coming slow with AVT then throw in a stacked set like this and use THAT as the measuring stick for progression.