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SST Template Check, Leaders and Anchors

Hey all, I am new here and I am planning to start the SST Template from the 2nd edition and Forever books. Can you please look over what I have planned?

  1. Each cycle still has a deload week, correct?
  2. Where should I put the 7th testing week?
  3. I think the book says to increase assistance to 50-100 reps during the anchor template, am I wrong?

Leader cycles x 2
5 pro ( press, dead, bench, squat)
SST (CGBP, FSQT, incline press, SLDL)
25-50 each: push, pull, sl/ core
2 days of hill running
3 days of walk/jog/bike

Anchor cycle
Warm up
3/5/1 ( press, dead, bench, squat)
5x5 FSL
50-100 each: push/pull/sl/core
3 days of hill running
3 days of walk/jog/bike

In case you need background:
43 yo male
Former runner
lifting history: 6 mo bodyweight, 1-year of kettlebells, 1 year of HLM, a few months of Brian Alsruhe templates and some CrossFit.

I am looking for something that doesn’t burn me out and is more sustaining. Thanks for your time.

If you feel you need it, you can deload after any cycle of 5/3/1. If you finish the first leader and feel like you are good to go, just start the next Leader and deload after 6 weeks instead of 3. In your situation I think it is probably best to deload BEFORE you feel like you need to.

I recommend going back and reading this section. But this should be done before starting new programming to ensure your TM’s are correct.

Make sure to establish TM’s for these before you do them.

Thank you. TM’s are all done. I read it in the 2nd edition, but couldn’t find it in Forever, I will look again. Thanks for your thoughts on deloads. I may deload after the first week as I have found in the past I gain confidence, then push it and get injured. I am better at recognizing my energy levels and haven’t been injured in a while, but I want to be cautious. Again TY.