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Son of a Bitch, Buffalo!


For the love of Christ! You are winning the fucking game. Take the fucking knee! And if you're gonna run, cover the fuck up. You dumb son of a bitch. You had the Patriots beat and you fuck it up. JESUS!

DAMN! Fuck New England.


Bills have been like this for years.


Think about it how many teams can go to the bowl 3 consecutive years and never win?


Finally a quarterback that throws to TO when he asks him too.


Sorry four times.

Super bowls.




Mother of God. Dumbass showboating son of a bitch could have taken a knee and the Bills would have fucking won! DAMN!

And I don't even live in Buffalo or like Buffalo that much. They deserved that. FUCK!


As a bears fan i feel your pain after last night. That one was a little closer but boy, way to drop the ball in the last few minutes and let the packers seal the deal


I fucking knew he should have tooken the knee, dumb bastards.

But that last play, I was up from my seat screaming at the TV.... but they fucked that up to.


I am now pissed I didn't watch the game, can anyone clue me in in 20 words or less. I will be counting.


Bills played well, Kick Returner fucked up, Pats scored, and Bills couldn't score with 40 seconds left. Fuck!


I can handle my Chefs [sic] losing, I'm really not expecting much out of them and I was glad to see Croyle play well, but between Buffalo gifting this one to NE and the the Broncos coming up with one of the luckiest tipped balls in history, this has turned into a pretty rotten opening weekend. Hopefully the college game continues to be good to me. Roll Tide!


That sucks man, I just hope that Choakland loses, I can't stand the Raiders.


That was definitely the worst game I've ever watched the Patriots win. I can't believe we managed to pull that off (by "we" I mean New England, I was born and raised there, not MN).
I just cringe at the thought of watching the Pats play like that against a team that really has their shit together.


Raiders are up 7-10.


Bill Bellichick should send the Bill's Kick Returner a bouquet of roses.


What a game, NE always provides quality football games. They pull of miracles in the last quarter!


I hate the Raiders but I want them to win tonight. Chargers have been over hyped and I'm sick of hearing about them.


I just got back from this game. That return man is a retard. Total retard.

New England played like shit, I expect an 8&8 year at best.


Except for that one...


that NE game was so damn good!

solid great game

My chargers came through in the end. BOOYAH!