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SHREDDED, a Documentary



has anyone seen this? fawkin ridiculous.


I hate that kid that drinks one egg white with a chocolate bar then comments "You have to be a man not a wuss" "This is what makes big muscles"


This is kind of... silly?
The egg white thing made me cringe, what a fake badass. Learn to eat the yolk you idiot, and stop caring what other people think.


The the NFB, where my tax money goes.


I stopped when pusscakes was consuming a single egg white.


"My legs are big enough, I don't really want to get them bigger."



Me and my BOIs need to make a real video.


Protein, Creatine, "drugs, short cuts."

This is a joke, I can't watch any more.


I remember seeing this on the documentary channel a few years ago. Just a bunch of silly kids in my opinion.


haha. the last bit is the best. the indian and the hispanic kid get completely ridiculous.


I did finish it, it was no surprise 8 months later everyone looked smaller.


One of my favorite lines.

Honestly, I feel bad for these kids. They obviously haven't located good information. They don't really have any idea what they are talking about, but they're young and inexperienced..they're not suppose to. They're suppose to get information from outside sources at this point..and it sounds as if they are..unfortunately, it doesn't sound like many of their outside sources are to educated either. The sad part, to me, is even if these kids learn..there are so many out there going down the same path that wont...


This has been posted before (long time ago, I'd completely forgot about it). It's a shame these guys are being fed bullshit (although to be honest they don't exactly seem like the sharpest knives in the drawer to begin with . . . ). If you watch closely when they're talking about that "software" telling them their upper genetic limits, you'll see an excel spreadsheet in there that has "FFMI" on it. Reminded me of this site naturalphysiques.com/tools.php?itemid=28

No idea if it was the same algorithm they were using, but I know that this one tells me I'm beyond what they define as "pretty much an upper limit for someone who does not use steroids", and I don't even train for aesthetics or size, I train for olympic weightlifting. Not to mention I've never used any supplement other than whey protein and a multivitamin.

Although it was nice to hear that bald kid talk about finding happiness at the end. At least one of those guys did some kind of growing.


What the--hell, I lift so I don't feel guilty about my ice cream addiction, and I pegged at a 28.

I knew ben and jerry's lied about bovine steroids!


this is the most ignorant garbage ive ever seen


He deserves to have h4m crack him in the face with a 45# plate.


LOL very true.


"When I'm out of Protein Powder.." (and grabs a single egg white.

Wow, sadly these kids have no clue. Of course I think most of 'this generation' (I don't know how else to put it) doesn't realize how much their BBing idols eat real food and not every powder and pill they see in magazine ads.



My thoughts exactly.


Advanced high school faggotry.