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Should I Start a Diet of Only Veggies, Fruit, Meat/Eggs/Fish?

Im doing 5/3/1. Im 17yo,180cm and 76kg. I want to gain some muscle but i also want to get leaner, lose some fat because Im not that skinny, im actually a bit fat.

Im thinking of cutting rice,oats,etc from my diet. I usually eat a lot of junk food and thats because I cant eat as much as i want if i eat inlcude rice,oats,pasta as healthy food in my diet.

I hate counting calories and I just want to eat tons to not get hungry and lose fat. I want to eat tons to avoid junk food craving

What should I do?

I, too, wish to overeat and lose fat.

That is a pipedream.

You don’t need to count calories. I never did. But you DO need to not eat like an a-hole. Moderation is still needed.


Man, it makes zero sense to undereat oats or rice if you know it’s going to lead to gorging on junk later. Eat a bit more rice/oats/whatever and a bit more meat/veg.

Basically, this is a mindset issue not a food issue. In time, the new diet will not be enough and you’ll start eat junk again

If you get a craving, have some strategies to deal with it. This is my go to:

  1. Have a glass of water. If it doesn’t pass:
  2. Do some mindfulness stuff (accept the feelings, tell yourself it’s normal and going to pass, etc - all that hippy crap). If it doesn’t pass:
  3. Do something distracting for 15 minutes (eg go walking, take a bath, etc) if it doesn’t pass:
  4. Make a tea or coffee and drink it. If it doesn’t pass:
  5. Eat something low calories, eg an apple. If it doesn’t pass:
  6. Take a small portion of the junk, tell yourself this is enough. And have some
  7. If it still doesn’t pass and you have to have it all then take note of the time, what you were doing, your stress level, the environment. And work on getting better next time, ie short circuiting the environment

We have found the root of your problem.


It wasn’t clear to me why you think eating rice and oats is making you eat junk food. Can you describe this line of thinking further.

Eat a big salad with every meal. It has a large volume of non digestible fiber, low calories, and good vitamins and minerals.


I cant eat them as much and then I get cravings

You can eat lots of spinach and seafood and lose weight BUT every narrow diet gets boring. That’s the problem.

THIS. When I’m dieting, I am pretty much ALWAYS hungry, except right after eating maybe. Still, I recognize this as a normal consequence and live with it. It’s normal to be hungry when losing fat, in fact being a little hungry tells you that you are eating the right amount of food to be in a deficit.

As far as getting full: add a bag of mixed veggies to your meals. My post workout meal is a sweet potato with some ground beef cooked together with 2 scrambled eggs and a little bit of cheese (I’m currently dieting down). It wouldn’t be much food volume but I add the veggies and all of a sudden it looks like this

I have a very big appetite and I can eat copious amounts of food (junk especially) and not feel full. But this WILL get you full. And if you choose the right meat, add a bit of cheese, salt, and spices, it’ll be tasty even though it’s mostly veggies.

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There is no food you can eat “tons” and not get fat. Of course there are some low calorie things like some veggies or “light” products, but the problem is they won’t keep you full.

The basica misunderstanding of your mindset is that you thinkg just beacause oats, rice etc. are healthy and we all building our bodies here eat much of them, they won’t make you fat. This is simply not true. 3000 kcal from oats are almost the same calories as 3000 kcal from Burger King. If you eat at a calories surplus YOU WILL GAIN FAT. This is all there is to it. You can’t switch from junk food to oats, but keep the same calorie intake and expect to get leaner. You won’t.

Have you tried to eat 3000cal of oats? :smile:

Now 3000cal of Burger King is like ooops, I did it again.

OP start by cutting out the junk and keep lifting heavy and let your body grow. And I would consider a bit more frequency than 531 if you can.

Also you are on to something. A great strategy to curb hunger while still eating a ton is lots of veggies and other high volume low calorie foods.

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Tuna, cottage cheese, eggs and spinach will make you full. Trouble is it’s boring everyday. Losing fat is easy, keeping it off is the hard bit.

Hey, I also get cravings if I eat fast digesting carbs like rice or cereal especially.

Switch to foods like steel cut oats, sweet potatoes, and Ezekiel bread. Fiber is your friend.

Also, eat your meals in this order:

  1. Veggies
  2. Protein
  3. Carbs

I imagine your sandwiches to be inside out.


You’re almost 5’11 and 167. You say you’re “fat”, meaning you have a very low amount of muscle mass. 167 is small for 5’11 at almost any level of conditioning. I don’t think a caloric deficit is going to help you. I think eating at maintenance and running any program that isn’t retarded will help you. It’s not all bulk and cut. The recomp is a real thing.


This. Especially since he’s in the newbie gains phase.

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Hah, was gonna add to your part, since people who have cravings for tons of food can find even maintenance to be a tough place to sit at. Filling up on veggies, indulging on protein, and finishing with carbs is a great way to manage macros and utilize fiber. There’s always someone who thinks everything is calories in, calories out, and while CICO is the most consequential aspect of nutrition, macros, QUALITY, and timing can all come into play. The quality of food matters with respect to building muscle and retaining it during a cut. Weight loss or gain may be dependent on calories alone, but the substance of that weight is dependent on much more.

I actually like oats. With nuts and yoghurt + some flavour of choice (fruit or just whey) or even just nuts + yoghurt alone. Yes, I could easily see myself eating 3000 kcal of them. Oats are pretty dense in calories, 360 kcal per 100 g and we are talking entire day of eating here, not one meal.

One oatmeal containing of 100 g oatmeal + 150 g yoghurt + 30 g nuts is
638 kcal. And 100 g is like not much, when I am bulking I can eat 150 g or even 200 at once with some more nuts. So yeah, I can easily see myself hitting 3000 kcal daily of oats. Even more.

I love them too but not to be nit picky it doesnt sound like you have actually tried to eat 900g of oats in a day. (I tried substituting my carbs for oats one day which would have been 500g, by meal 3 I was done…but I was mixing it with chicken to hit my macros, not yogurt and other fun stuff)

That really isnt the point though. You would have to spend several meals all day eating oats all day to get to 3000cals. 1 Meal at Burger King would easily top 1000 calories. Every time I go there my meals usually are pushing 3000 cals.

You are underestimating me :wink: I have had tendency to binge eating, while on cut (won against it somehow though). Of course I don’t mean just plain oats with water. But mixed with yoghurt and something good for flavour… Yes, I can assure you, I could easly live on such diet. And I am not talking adding tons of honey or nuts to hit calories either - it would be cheating. I mean, I would easily eat 3000 kcal of oats in one day, as long as I could make them, how I like it.

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