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Setting Up Cycles for 1 RM Strength

Jim, In your opinion whats the best way to set your cycles up for 1rm strength? At the moment i am just doing jokers last 2 cycles on 3/1 weeks but was just curious how you would set this up, i know you dont train pl but you have offered advice to some well known pl. Thanks mate

5’s Pro/5x5 FSL and 50-100 of the assistance.
Easy conditioning only
Work on speed and execution


PR/Jokers limited supplemental (depends on assistance)
Easy comditioning only

Problem is people say they want to get stronger but have a bunch of asterisks. Lots of weak people making weak decisions.


Cheers Jim i appreciate the black and white answer.

Jim answered this to your satisfaction, but wanted to make a quick comment.

The leader/anchor paradigm helped crystallize some ideas that I’ve had a loose grasp on for awhile. I have competed for a few years and gotten pretty strong with basic training concepts, but one thing I’ve noticed is that things seem to work best when your prep period has a lot of volume in the 70-85% range for 5s, and your comp period has more of a “barbell” setup, (i.e., work concentrated in the >90% and <70% ranges). You accumulate work, build muscle, and perfect technique with moderate loads in the prep period, then acclimate to heavy weight while at the same time getting some bar speed back in the comp period.

So with that in mind, there are a lot of ways to set things up. What I am planning on after my meet in a couple weeks is a 2/2 leader/anchor, with 5s pro/joker 5s/SSL 3-5x5 leader, 5/3/1/joker 1-3, SSL 3-5x3-5 anchor. I do well with more autoregulation so the jokers and having a range for FSL/SSL is good for me. Just some ideas.

note, that should read “FSL” not “SSL” for anchor.