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Scottish Rugby Player, Needing Weight/Size Advice

I am 18 years old and play rugby at a serious level, semi-pro. I play no.2/hooker - a posoition that requires size ,strength and power. Before last year i came in around 210 pounds, mostly fat but some muscle.

I decided to slim down and try an get a 6 pack. I belived that if I lost 10 pounds id be there! not quite, now at 175, i now have abs and i am much faster and fitter. Many aspects of my life have improved due to this - beach/girls , but now my rugby is going to suffer. Most players in my position are big and strong, but now im now small and powerful.

Baisiclay, im wanting advice on either bulking up again before the season starts (october) or remain at this weight.

It may seem insignificant but will play a role in my possible future rugby carer and life. Putting back on another 10-12 pounds would probably be mainly fat.

Need help, thanks

I guess it depends what you bring to the pitch mate, 210 still isnt massive for a hooker so I presume that you must be quite good technically. At a lighter weight, say like 195-200, I guess you could still be pretty handy depending on your pace and your ability to last the whole game.

Any chance of you moving position? If you want to keeps your abs then go play backrow/in the backs somewhere. Otherwise you ll be able to get the weight back as muscle, just not that quickly.