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Return of the Muskrat


Yeah I train cables mostly. You can push through failure so much better than dropping the weight on your face!


I’ve been using mostly cables and machines for the past 6 years. I find with the smith machine In an incline I can control the reps a lot easier and focus on more negatives on the way down, than using free weights. Rich Piana was another advocate of this. I get a way better workout this way. I would still throw in some free weights, but machines and cable work is my base


Awesome Rizla. Yea I’m excited to try out some cable and machine stuff. Those are tools I haven’t used much at all, so I’m going to hit them hard


20 February 2019

A1. Burpees: 100
A2. Squats: 100
(total time: 15 minutes)


Feeling guilty about something? I just can’t see any other reason to do 100 burpees other than punishment.


Haha I just wanted to do a bit of conditioning, but I didn’t want to drive to the gym to pull a sled. I figured burpees and squats for time would be a reasonable substitute (or at least get my heart rate up and get me moving)

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21 February 2019

Repetition Upper

A1. Front Raise: 2x10
A2. Lateral Raise: 2x10
A3. Rear Raise: 2x20
A4. Shoulder Circles: 2x20

B. Low-Incline DB Bench: 30x20, 55x18, 65x10, 75x10

C1. Pulldown Machine: 4x12
C2. Rear Delt Raise: 4x12

D1. DB Curl: 4x15
D2. Push-Ups: 4x15

E1. Cable Lateral Raise: 3x10
E2. Cable Front Raise: 3x10

F. Incline Treadmill Walk: 10 minutes with 12 degree incline

Starting off on some shoulder volume folks. The cables were really good. I’m adding shoulder stuff to my dynamic lower day also as well as adding an extra shoulder day. Time to bring up some weak points.


22 February 2019

Max-Effort Lower

A. Exercise Bike: 10 minutes

B. Hamstring Curl Slow Reps: 3 sets

C. Box Squat: 45x10, 95x5, 135x5, 185x5, 225x5

D. Sled Pull: 2 x 30 yards with 245 lbs, 2 x 20 yards with 295 lbs

E1. GHR (hamstrings): 2x10
E2. GHR (glutes): 2x10

F. Standing Ab Roller Negatives: 5 total reps

Shoulders tomorrow. Hope y’all have a Good Friday


Keep up the effort mate.

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Thanks my man. You too. You’ve been making killer progress in your log

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Thanks mate, I’m just sort of following a loose 531 for the main shit and doing whatever else I feel. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it :+1:


Why not pick up speed and increase rest?


I definitely could. I’m just doing sprints to get some conditioning in after the workout, so I just feel it out. I might try doing that next time though


Next time do alternating one leg burpees. They are awesome and suck so bad all at once!

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Just looked those up. They definitely look hard. I’ll have to give them a go


Alright y’all. So my weight was right at 180 this morning. That’s still 15 lbs down from my starting point. I know weight fluctuates a lot, so I’m just going to keep consistent and not worry too much. I just got an app called Happy Scale that shows your longer-term weight trends.

With respect to physique development, I’m thinking the advice @jackolee gave about my shoulders was on point. I’m going to work hard on them as well as trying to increase my quad sweep to emphasize the v taper (advice welcome). As I lose fat, the fat around my waist should decrease as well, which will help me realize my goals for the T-ransformation challenge.

With respect to strength, I’m still trying to work hard on the max effort exercises. When I increase my calories after the cut, I expect that my strength will come back up pretty fast.

I made an aesthetic-as-fuck breakfast this morning for me, my brother, and his girlfriend. I forgot to take a picture to jerk off its serene beauty, but it was a tofu scramble with broccoli, yellow pepper, tomato, and avocado with mixed berries on the side.

Y’all have a good Saturday. Keep at it. Shoulders workout incoming


No. Just no.

6’4" + burpees = go F yourself


Buck Furbees :slight_smile: I hate them wich ever way they are done.


23 February 2019


A. Shoulder Warm-Up

B. Cable Lateral Raise: 3x10

C. Standing DB Press: 40x10, 50x10, 30x20

D. Standing Arnold Press: 30x3x15

E1. Cable Front Raise: 3x15
E2. Cable Rear Raise: 3x10

F1. DB Lateral Raise: 2 sets to failure
F2. DB Rear Raise: 2 sets to failure

G. Battle Ropes: 20 seconds alternating, 20 seconds together, 20 seconds rest for 10 minutes

@JMaier31 fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) I’m under 6 feet, so I don’t have to deal with tall people problems


When I was a gymnast my coach made us do pyramid back flip burpees.

Standing back flip, burpee with 1 push up
2 back flips, burpee with two push ups
Up to 10 and back down. It was HELL!!!