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Return of the Muskrat


Hahaha that’s pretty funny. And yea I’m vegan (kind of like vegetarian except I don’t eat dairy)


You poor thing… Do you drink a lot of your protein? My wife is vegan and I’ll eat her food but I have to have meat to reach 200+ grams of protein each day. Heck, I’m struggling to get my protein with meat these days.


Hahaha no worries bro, I definitely get my food in. This is actually one case where naturally having a fatass appetite really helps.

I usually drink 4-5 scoops of a pea / hemp / rice protein powder per day while I’m cutting. I eat the rest from whole-food sources. When I eat maintenance or bulking, I can hit over 200 protein and only eat 2-3 scoops of protein powder.

Here’s a sample of the cutting diet I eat on an average day (macros are 2300-2400 calories and a tad over 210 protein; my morning weight is currently 180 and walking around weight a bit over 185):


I’ll eat a tofu scramble with veggies (usually broccoli, bell pepper, avocado, and cherry tomatoes) plus raisin and oat whole-grain toasted bread (plus a large amount of coffee). Might drink protein powder if necessary.

Lunch / Post-Workout

I eat oats (made in the overnight style) with blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, cherries, and any other fruit I have along with chia seeds, flax seeds, date sugar (to sweeten the oat mixture; date sugar is just ground dates), and protein powder.


I usually drink protein powder in between classes (I’m currently in college) because my course schedule doesn’t allow for a solid meal during this time. I also have another coffee or a green / black tea during this time. My school gives us these dollars that we can spend on food items, so I spend mine on caffeine.


Very large salad (kale, spinach, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, cucumbers, and raspberry vinegar dressing) with a main course of lentils and black beans.

Interestingly enough, it’s one of those things where it looks really hard before you do it, and it seems kind of easy after you do it. I know that sounds weird because before I started, I was like what the fuck could I possibly eat. But I changed around my diet, and honestly I feel pretty good. I also monitor amino acids to make sure I am getting 3-4 grams of leucine per meal (with 4 meals per day). It usually takes me around 3-5 minutes per day to plan my diet every morning. Maybe I’ll make a video or take pictures of what I eat to give you some ideas if your wife wants to proteinize her food :joy:

By the way, if you are your wife eat a bunch of plants, I highly recommend the book How Not To Diet by Dr. Greger. It talks about how to diversify your food sources to improve micronutrient intake and longevity. Since I started doing his recommendations, I feel so much better. It’s like night and day.

It’s definitely possible to be healthy or unhealthy on any diet (within reason), but his book breaks down the whys and hows. If you are interested in getting started right now, look up Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen. These are a dozen things you can do every day that have been shown to improve longevity and quality of life. You can also get the Daily Dozen app if you have a smartphone.

Welp, this post turned into a fucking book.

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Could you clarify the servings? For beans it days 3/day and then lists 130g cooked beans, 60g hummus.

Are those examples of all three servings or one serving (130g x 3 servings per day)? And is it beans AND hummus or beans OR hummus?


Those are examples. If you get the app, it tells you the amount for each food and the foods in each category.

So for example, if you ate one can of black beans, then you would hit all 3 of your bean servings. Alternatively, you could eat hummus and hit your servings that way.

Edit: that’s because 1 can of black beans has 3, 130 gram servings in it

Edit 2: for exercise, I always check that box off. This is because I follow a program like most of the people on this site. We probably all get enough exercise lol

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18 February 2019

Max-Effort Upper

A1. Battle Ropes: 4x25
A2. Chin-Ups: 4x5
A3. Arm Circles: 4x25
A4. Push-Ups: 4x10

B. Floor Press: 45x10, 95x3, 135x3, 185x3, 205x3, 225x3

C. DB Bench: 60x20, 80x7

D1. Chest-Supported Row: 55x3x12
D2. Rear Delt Flyes: 10x3x12

E1. Full ROM Front Raise: 3x10
E2. 3-count Paused Lateral Raise: 3x10
E3. Seated DB Clean and Press: 3x10

F1. DB Curl: 2x15
F2. Tricep Pushdown: 2x15
F3. DB Shrug: 2x15

G1. Battle Ropes: 4x30
G2. Jump Rope: 4x100
G3. Goblet Squat: 45 lbs for 4x15

Methinks the ole shoulders are gonna be sore in the morning

Post-Workout Meal:
Overnight oats
2 scoops pea protein powder
1 pint vegan ice cream (don’t worry its low calorie)

Calories: 979
Protein: 71
Carbs: 142
Fat: 25


That’s one heck of a workout Rat, nice.
Yeah you’re gonna feel them shoulders tomorrow.

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Amazing that this meal adds up to 850 calories!!


Yea it is haha. Black beans and lentils have a surprising amount of carbs

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19 February 2019

Dynamic-Effort Lower

A1. Sled Pull: 5 x 20 yards with 155 lbs
A2. Sled Push: 5 x 20 yards with 155 lbs

B. Box Jump: 6x3 EMOM on 33” box

C. Split Squats: Bx10, 80x10, 50x10

D. RDL: 45x40, 95x8, 135x8, 185x8, 225x8

E. Hanging Leg Raise: 4x10

F. Sprint: 30 seconds at 9 mph, 30 seconds at 3 mph, 6 incline for 4 cycles


Everything’s more fun when your not cutting haha!


Yea man. Truer words have never been spoken. I get so tired studying when I’m cutting. I’m trying this thing where I work as hard as I can on one task for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute rest (called the Pomodoro method). I am able to study for hours with it, which is good because I’ve got to get more productive to perform at the level I need to.

I’m sure you know all about tiredness when cutting since I saw on your log you’ve been putting in some long work days. Guys like you and some other T-nationers are pushing me to just put in 1 more hour (and 1 more hour after that haha)

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I’d focus on measurements and calipers over weight. It’s nice to see the scale move but not at the expense of muscle you worked dang hard for. If the arms, legs, shoulders and chest measurements are holding steady but the waist measurement and skin folds are going down your good to continue with the cut.

Looking at your physique from a BB perspective I’d put some focus on delt development. You have similar trap structure to me in that they are long and can cause a steep angle from neck to shoulder. Working on delts will not only give you a broader build but will actually exentuate your traps and make your waist look smaller.

Looks like your really smashing it though. Great job man! (With how many Aussies, and Brits there are on here I’m half tempted to say great job mate!)


Man thanks so much for the advice. Haha I’m not an Aussie or Brit. Actually typing this from Tuscaloosa, Alabama right now.

I definitely agree with your assessment. Do you have any tips on improving delts? Also, if you were in my position, would you stop hitting traps directly until I improved my delt size?

Again, thanks a lot for the advice. It definitely helps to get a more experienced perspective

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I don’t do any direct trap work right now. My coach/trainer/friend gave me the same advice. I have implemented two shoulder specific sessions per week.

Granted o train 7 days and everyone’s different. I simply give myself a rest day when I’m feeling run down and miss whatever workout is scheduled for that day.

My split for the past three months has been
M chest/triceps
T biceps/back
W shoulders/light legs high volume
R chest/triceps
F back/biceps
S shoulders
N legs

I’ll try to find some pictures from before I started direct shoulder work and there’s a signifigsnt difference


Ok that sounds like a good idea. My current routine looks like this:

M upper
T lower
R upper
F lower

I’m going to add a shoulder-specific session on Saturday to bring them up. I’ll comb through your log to get an idea of what to put on that day.

Thanks for the help dude. I’m going to put your advice to good use. Keep working hard man. I’m following your progress

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I typically start with Lateral raises, then 2-3 overhead lifts… shoulder press, Arnold’s, neutral grip dumbbells etc. hit some volume on front and rear delts with cables and then finish with handstand holds or more laterals. Here’s a snapshot of about 1 years progress. Granted I’m much leaner in the second photo, but you can see a much different slope from neck to arm. Hope that helps man!


The best way to naturally increase (or stimulate) testosterone and growth hormone is to do like 3-5 sets of 10 with 1 min rest on something big like squats.

I’ve also read that you should hit a lagging body part after a heavy squat session because the body is so stimulated to build in that moment.

I think you should do some cable lateral raises at the end of your big leg day in addition to adding a shoulder day.

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Hell yea it helps. Thanks dude. I’m going to implement this stuff right away. I can definitely tell a difference in the way your lateral delt slopes down between those pictures.

@JMaier31 thanks for the advice. I’ve never tried cable lateral raises before, so I’ll definitely be adding those in

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For bodybuilding goals, cables are the best piece of equipment (in my opinion, if course). You’ll notice a big difference with the cables vs DBs.

Yesterday was the first time I tried dual cable Lat Pull Downs and I might never do a regular pull down again…except as a superset with the dual cable pulls.