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Return of the Muskrat


Now you’re the coach, it’s payback time.
Make your gymnasts suffer


That sounds horrendous. Probably got you pretty in-shape though. The best things seem to always be the most painful / hard to get. Kind of like how the most delicious foods make you the fattest :joy:


As a short person, let me chime in that burpees suck at 5’7" as well.


Tofu scramble turned out aesthetic as fuck this morning


25 February 2019

Max-Effort Upper

A. Shoulder and Bicep Warm-Up

B. Decline Bench Press: 45x20, 95x3, 135x3, 185x3, 195x3, 205x3

C. DB Bench: 60x2x18

D1. Chin-Ups: 3x8
D2. Face Pull: 3x40

E1. Curl: 20,15,10
E2. Push-Ups: 3x35


Y’all, I think I’ve decided on a cheat meal when I reach 175 lbs (which will be 20 lbs down from my January 1 weight of 195).

I’m thinking 2 pizzas, 2 pints of vegan Halo Top ice cream, and as many Oreos as I want crumbled up into the ice cream. Plus anything else I want to eat if I am still able to move after all that food. Depending on how many Oreos I put in, the cheat meal would probably be around 2500 to 3000 calories. This will hopefully keep me motivated to push myself to reach 175. I’ll have another ignorant cheat meal once I reach 170 (my final goal).

The way I plan on minimizing fat gain is to do a really fucking hard training session that day and the next day as well as only eating protein powder on the cheat day. Apparently, persistent fat gain is only accomplished by persistent overeating. I read that if the cheat meal is an isolated incident, you can expect to gain approximately 0.2 lbs of fat per 1000 calories above maintenance you eat on your cheat meal. Thus, if I eat 750 calories before the cheat meal and (say) 2750 calories during it, that will put me at 3500 calories (approximately 800 calories above my TDEE). If I do a really hard training session that day, I might gain 0.1 to 0.2 lbs of fat. Not too bad. Of course, I might not finish all of the food anyway.

Feel free to post your dream / favorite cheat day below :joy:


I’ve actually gotten my appetite down to where I’m getting ‘cheat’ meals in while still staying under my calorie goals. Friday I had an awesome cheat meal (Part of a roasted beet salad, an 18 oz ribeye, mushrooms with truffle butter, sourdough bread with butter, and roasted Brussels sprouts), but I skipped lunch first, and only ate half of all my entrée items. Then I had 1/2 of my wife’s dessert and 1/3 of my daughter’s dessert, and still came in just over 2000 calories. Bonus, I had the other half for dinner the next night!


26 February 2019

Repetition Lower & Shoulders

A1. RDL: 45x30, 95x8, 135x8, 185x8, 205x8, 225x8
A2. Narrow-Stance Front Squat: 45x12, 95x12, 135x10, 155x8, 185x5, high bar 135x30

B1. Cable Lateral Raise: 15,10,10
B2. Cable Front Raise: 15,10,10

C. DB Rear Raise (rack run from 5 to 30 and dropset at 5): 25,15,10,10,10,5,5,5,25

D. Ab Roller Negatives: 15 total reps

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Mines Mexican and margaritas all day long!

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You are many kinds of evil for even suggesting these things, normal burpees are bad enough. :wink:


27 February 2019

Conditioning (Restoration)

A. Band Pull-Apart: 100

B. Exercise Bike: 10 minutes

C. Row Machine: 15 minutes

D. Barbell Complex (65 lbs for 4 circuits)
Power Clean: 5
Push Jerk: 5
Front Squat: 10
Deadlift: 20


Hey man checking in. How’s your progress going? What’s your starting stats and goals?

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Hey my man. Thanks for checking in. I’ve been following your log. You’re looking jacked as fuck

Starting Stats:
5’10” (actually I think I’m a bit taller than this now; haven’t measured height in a few years)
195 lbs
Appearance: mildly pudgy; “do you even lift bro?”; “where those delts at bro?”

Current Stats:
178-181 lbs (hovering between these weights due to water weight fluctuations)
Appearance: less pudgy but still not ripped

Goal for T-transformation challenge:
approximately 170 lbs (I think I’ll look pretty lean if I get here)
Appearance: ripped as my college rejection letters, shredded as ground flax, sliced as a fresh avocado, pucked as Ronnie Coleman, yoked as Wendler, and jacked as a silverback gorilla

Bonus goal: bring up lagging shoulders and quad sweep


Thanks man Appreciate the comment but I’m far from lean. Enjoying the bulk so not too bad.

195lbs down to 178lbs is great going. That’s good progress. I take it this was from Jan?

Love the enthusiasm man lol the sky is no limit

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Yes. That’s January 1 to now. So a bit under 2 months.

I’ve still got another 3 months until the T-ransformation challenge ends, so I’m definitely thinking I can get the last 8-10 lbs off in that timeframe. Plus, I need to get out into the sun because I look a bit like a ghost right now

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28 February 2019

Repetition Upper

A. Upper Warm-Up

B. Incline DB Bench: 50x15, 60x12, 70x8

C1. Chin-Ups: 3x8
C2. Cable Lat Pushdown: 3x12

D. Battle Ropes: 10 minutes straight

I was feeling really tired today, and I had trouble doing the small amount I did do. Body is feeling a bit banged up

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Sometimes a wee rest day does the world of good. I used to train Monday - Friday with weekend off but that was a long ass stretch of 5 days straight. Changed it around to Wednesday and Saturday rest days so its more balanced and it works great for me. Not sure if it’s because I’m getting old ha.


Yea that sounds like something I should do. I’ll be training 6 days this week, which is probably a little excessive. Maybe I’ll keep Wednesday a pure rest day from now on


You be killing Thursday if you do

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I’ve got max-effort lower day tomorrow then shoulders Saturday. I’m thinking about merging them into a single workout on Saturday to recover more. I’ll see how I feel Friday morning.

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