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'Rep in the Tank', Supplemental Lift, Eating


Hi Jim,

I was wondering on why do you insist on leaving a rep in the tank in the main lift? I'm guessing that it's to make sure the form doesn't go to shit, but if someone's form is pretty solid would you recommend to do it? Sometimes to hit a gym record, I seem to abandon it all just want to hit that number.

Secondly, my love for 531 is the main lift, I really hate doing the supplemental lifts, is it possible to hit the main lift, and a couple of assistance for shits and pumps and leave?

Thirdly, when you were starting lifting, did you ever give a shit about if you ate too much you're gonna be fat when you know food makes you strong?



By the way, just listened to Alleged - Unsane you posted some years back, what a fucking song.