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Rate My Workout, Obnoxious I Know...


As someone that has been active on another forum I know rate my workout threads are stupid. I have tried several methods of working out through the years. That being strict powerlifting and strict conditioning at two different periods of my life. But I finally figured out what my body responds best to I think. My chest, abs and v (the parts that I felt I shouldn't be focusing on were not visually appealing when I was doing powerlifting) no matter my diet, they were not pronounced.

They love higher volume. My arms and legs grow no matter the volume as long as I'm putting in hard work. My back grows no matter what. I'm focusing on conditioning and bodybuilding right now using a mixture of exercises. Tell me what you think of my work out today. No replies from noobs!!!! Seriously, I did starting strength for a year and got up to some okay numbers, I'm doing something completely new after being inactive for a year.

STATS after SS by rippetoe a year ago
Reached 350 x 5 in DL
275 x 3 x 5 in squats
195 x 3 x 5 in bp
160x 3 x 5 in OHP
175 x 5 x 3 PC
200 lb. 5'10" not defined, but strong

Inactive for a year... started working out again 3 months ago
180 lb. 13% body fat with calipers
This is what I did today, lots of volume. Tell me what you think.

OHP 95 x 5 x 8
PC 155 x 5 x 3
Squat 95 x 5 x 20
Pull ups x 5 x 5
Farmers Walk 90 x 5 x of two minutes
Pushups 5 x 20
Plate Pinches 2 x 10's x 2 minutes
Decline Situp/Back Extension 8 extensions and 15 declines x 5
Leg lifts x 6 x 25
Calf lift machine 95 x 3 x 20
Body weight calf raises 1 x 50

Im loving the volume and I love working out long hours, but I want to hit everything... Give me some nice compounds that I can hit light with high reps so I can hammer them with some isolation afterwards for some sick gains.


Lol. Your post is rather confusing. Lets start from the top.

I wouldn't consider you strong with your previous lifts at 200lbs bodyweight. I also doubt you had much muscle unless you have Shawn Ray's genetics.

What do you mean by "lots of volume". I see lots of exercises - overall volume. Not volume per bodypart. What are your other days like?

I don't see someone building big legs squatting 95x20. 275x20 would be more like it. If I were you I would ramp up to a maximal weight (5s, 8s, 12s etc) each session and do sets of 20 as backoffs instead.

Bodybuilding is not about high reps. It is about developing sufficient MMC to target the muscles. Different rep ranges or increased total volume per bodypart may be used to fatigue more fibres.

What do you mean by "give me more compounds"? You don't know which compound exercises to use for each bodypart?

Your "sick gains" will come with proper structure in your training AND diet.


I wouldnt waste my time with that if I was paid too


If you are taking an approach that is a bit "outside the box", you should just keep your nose down and dominate what you are doing. You should not seek to gain consensus approval or a "rating" on your workout. What is that going to do for you? How is it going to change what you are doing?

I'm surprised that you've been able to conclude that your body loves your current style of lifting and many of your body parts "grow now matter what" after only doing it for three months. Most of whatever those gains are would have come no matter what you did. Muscle memory, post-layoff rebound.

As for your workout, well, I give it a rating of


(TC, I hope you don't mind that I ripped off your rating system)

Part of the magic of high-volume bodybuilding-style isolation stuff is the mind muscle connection as mentioned above. The other part is the pump. You are spreading your pump out among the entire body.

Your style of training can get you in shape and lean, but you will hit a wall pretty quick when it comes to gaining size.

But if you really believe in what you are doing, you will ignore my input, keep your nose down, and prove me wrong.


^^wow it was actually bad enough for TC's balls to make an appearance lol.


not even for... 1 MILLION DOLLARS?!?!!?!

But seriously, that's one of the shittiest workouts I've seen posted here in a long time. Almost certainly the worst I've seen this year. Enjoy the 'sick gains' from the 10 lb plate pinches...

I would honestly totally revamp the program. Start from scratch. You can do a high volume workout without it looking like this. If you're going to try to work every single muscle group in one session, you should not be doing 2 different calf exercises.

I would also change your squat workout. You'll benefit more from including at least SOME heavier squatting. 5 sets of 20 squats @ 95 lbs is garbage. You'll get some conditioning benefits from something like this in the beginning, but the 'gains' will be extremely limited.

I like farmer's walks, but if you can perform 5 sets @ 2 minutes, the weight's just not heavy enough.

Finally, be careful in assuming that you know what your body responds best to. You're very new to lifting, and you're not very strong yet (sorry if the truth hurts). Everything SHOULD work right now. That's what beginner gains are. I seriously doubt that the workout you posted has any value in achieving long-term muscular gains.

If I were you, and I wanted to do mostly full body workouts every gym session, here is the program I would do: http://www.T-Nation.com/workouts/2-times-a-week-for-twice-the-gains I did this program for awhile, and loved it. It's really the only full-body program I ever did. If you want REAL gains, do something like this.


Err..sounds like you have all the answers.


It seems random


Wow, you must be the strongest guy at planet fitness.

In all seriousness, you had less than magical results after following one of the best beginners programs out there, and that steaming pile of a routine isn't going to improve this situation. I think you need to take a long, critical look at where you are now, and choose the best proven program for your goals.