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Rate My Stats (Adding Photos Later)


If you want an honest appraisal, please post front side and back shots where we can actually see your physique.



still waitin’ on dem picturez…


In the meantime, I’ll post a rear lat spread picture of myself, and you guys can tell me what you think my height, weight and bodyfat are, and what numbers I should open with on my log press and deadlift.


Thinking you’re all fancy with your log press but I doubt you’d be able to push 9000lbs on an ARX leg press concentric


Age is excellent, height low-average, body fat average, weight average. Total Rating - 5.23/10


of course not, I’m no super saiyan


God I miss that dude.


OP: please post a photo of yourself holding a shoe so we can properly judge your body fat.


A left shoe. Won’t work with a right one.


You sir, have never tried to integrate the normal approximation of a binomial experiment

EDIT: I missed the point of this thread and now I feel terribly un-funny


Well, you have difficulties approximating binomials. No wonder you missed the point :joy: