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Rate My Stats (Adding Photos Later)

Rate my stats
Height 5 ft 7
Weight around 206.6
Body fat 14.6 percentage.
Age 24
Natural as of now.
I uploaded photos in here before I will get some later trying to sleep right now.
What do you guys think about the stats for bodybuilding? I understand I gotta cut for competitions but I’m more interested in doing heavy weight with the help of AAS.

Thanks for feedback.

5/3/1 works 70% of the time, every time


I quite like them, but what I’d really like is a P-value and a standard deviation and possibly even an ANOVA.


That’s just MEAN


No more math puns, please! Well, statistics isn’t really math…

In for the pics, I want to see what someone the same height as me, 6 lb heavier with 14% bodyfat looks like.


How dimorphic are you?

I think you’ve been maintaining pretty consistently, since you’re the exact same weight and bodyfat as you were last year.

If you can’t build muscle or burn fat without steroids, you shouldn’t be using them.

Not sure I understand the question. Bodybuilding is based entirely on appearance, not stats.

What’s the weight class limit that you have in mind for “heavyweight”?

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I’m not even cutting fat. I believe I reached my natural limit. Yes I understand bodybuilding is based on looks. I gave my height, weight and body fat not my bench, squat and deadlift stats.

How wide is your frame?

If your shoulders are too compact to your ribs, you’ll just look like a muscley teenager.

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I’m 5 7 at 206 I think I’ve built enough muscle without steroids. Read what you just typed, steroids are used to build more muscle when you reach you limit at least by some people. I’m not some idiot who is 6 foot 150 pounds running a gram of gear a week and still looking like shit.

Considering you are asking specifically about body building, stats mean nothing. Pics needed if you want an accurate critique

My point is, you’re going to have to cut body fat and it seems like you haven’t done that in a year.

When I said “If you can’t build muscle or burn fat without steroids”, I meant along the lines of “if you don’t know how to build muscle or burn fat”, not “if your body is unable to build muscle or burn fat”.

Basically, in this last year, have you tried losing fat and then putting on more muscle only to determine that you’re at the “natty limit”? Or did you hit your current condition and say, “Mission accomplished”, hence the year-long maintenance phase?

If you say so. Guys have starting using with much poorer physiques, that’s not in question. Guys have also competed naturally with your stats.

here is a photo, dont have any photos of legs don’t cry please calves are 17.5 inches and quads are 25 to 25.5 inches.

A) A mid-workout pumped pic that shows a tiny fraction of your physique is a terrible “how do I look?”-picture.

and B) Last year, you said your quads were 32 inches, not 25-25.5, which means you really should post them for an objective critique and stop hiding them. That’s not crying, that’s honesty.


I corrected my self in that post, did you check that?

Fair enough, you did correct yourself a few posts down the thread. Pardon my mistake from having to go back and forth comparing old pics relevant to today’s thread.

Point still remains that posting proper, current pics should be the next thing that happens here.

Hey guys, anyone wanna rate this guy’s photo for strongman?



Too many quick twitch fibers, not enough muscular endurance.

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Getting a vibe on what the purpose of this thread is.

An excuse for poor maths puns?