Queen Cobra's Training Log

Sleep 22.30-6.45 I slept great, but I really need one hour more…
Calories 2,080kcal
carbs 226g fat 82g protein 110g

Gym workout
triple sets/double sets

1. lat pulldown narrow grip 4x8x25 + drop set 4x8x17,5 +
2. lateral raises with plates 4x10x(2x5kg) +
3. squats with dumbbell between legs from dead stop 4x8x33kg

4. lat push down on knees 4x10x25 +
5. reverse lunges on spot with barbell 4x12x27,5kg (6 reps per leg)

6. dumbbell biceps cursl 4x10x(2x8kg)
7. dragon flag progression 4 sets (sad)

Normal operating railway lines in Bulgaria :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:


Sleep 22.45-6.45 I woke up couple times.
Calories 2,155kcal
carbs 214g fat 80g protein 153g
Rest day. My butt and legs hurt so much

Sleep 22.30-6.45 I woke up once but I was awake for awhile.

Gym workout
triple sets/double sets

1. lat pulldown wide neutral grip 4x8x25 + drop set 4x8x17,5 +
2. overhead press 4x10x17,5kg +
3. heel elevated dumbbell goblet 4x10x20kg (my legs still hurted)

4. low row 4x10 +
5. dumbbell RDL 4x10x(2x22,5kg) +
6. push ups 4x10

7. leg press 2x12x50kg
8. triceps push down straight handle 2x10

I stopped the last series in the middle because I decided to give advice to a young girl on how to squat properly.

It should be slower but I was tired


I notice that I pull the lever unevenly and more with my left hand. Strange, I hope it’s not some muscle imbalance. I’ll keep an eye on things in the future.

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Sleep 22.45-7.45 Just fine.
Calories 2,347kcal
carbs 196g fat 85g protein 142g
Rest day. I felt tired.

Sleep 23.00-8.45 I woke up couple times but just for couple minute

Gym workout
triple sets/

1. lat pulldown reverse grip 4x8x40kg +
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x8kg) +
3.RDL 4x8x47,5kg

4. low row wide grip 4x10x17,5+
5. plate loaded seated upper chest press 4x8x(2x20kg)+
6. reverse lunges on spot 4x16x22,5kg (8reps per leg)**

I felt exhausted, no reason

7. single leg RDL 4x10x17,5kg each leg +
8. biceps curls 4x10x17,5kg +
9. triceps overhead press with a plate 4x12x10kg


Sleep 23.30- 6.15
Every Monday morning I can’t sleep. I woke up all the time.
It was a hard day at work. I was very stressed. I even wanted to cry from stress.

Calories 1,970kcal
carbs 176g fat 57g protein 179g

Gym workout
super sets

1. lat pulldown 4x10x40kg +
2. kettlebell russian swing 4x25x16kg

3. leg press machine 4x12x50kg +
4. push ups single arm elevated 4x10 (5 reps each arm)

5. kettlebell RDL 4x15x(2x16kg) +
6. lateral dumbbell raises 4x10x(2x5kg)

I felt so tired and my legs hurted too much.

Sleep 22.30-7.00 I woke up once but I stay awake for awhile.
Calories 2117 kcal
carrbs 248g fat 55g protein 147g
Rest day.


Not sleeping sucks. One night of inconsistent sleep for me messes me up for days. Stress doesn’t help the situation.

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Sleep 22.15- 6.15
I woke up once or twice, but I slept much better.

Calories 1,864kcal
carbs 183g fat 55g protein 158g

Gym workout
triple sets

1. pull ups 6-6-5-5 +
2. incline dumbbell bench press 4x12x(2x15kg) +
3. RLD 4x10x47,5kg

4. low row - different handles 4x10 +
5. dumbbell shoulder press 4x12x(2x8kg) |+
6. squats with a dumbbell between legs from dead stop 4x10x33kg

7. lateral to fron dumbbell raises 4x10x(2x5kg) +
8. leg raises from hollow body hold 20-15-12-10 +
9. triceps push down straight handle 4x12

I felt much better.
Some beauties…


Exactly. I am a person who needs a good sleep and not less than eight hours. Even 9 hours is fine for me.Only sleep helps me recover.

I’m just working under a lot of pressure with an incredible idiot and a wretch. My corrupt boss. For foreigners and for people outside the civil service system in Bulgaria, it is inexplicable and indescribable what is happening. Everything is a huge lie and corruption. All employees are pressured to put up with the orders. It is a economic crisis, there is no possibility for a person to freely leave a job in a small town.

Sometimes I let this tension get to me. Although I am calm on the outside, it is very detrimental to my sleep and well-being.


Sleep 22.15- 7.00 I slept goood! I woke up once for WC only.
Calories 2,140kcal
carbs 198g fat 62g protein 160g
Rest day.

Sleep 23.30- 7.00 I slept fine, just I went to bad too late… :frowning:
Calories 1,868kcal
carbs 168g fat 50g protein 176g

Gym workout
triple sets

1. deadlift 4x6x70kg +
2. lat pulldown narrow grip 4x12 +
3. dumbell shoulder press 4x12x(2x8kg)

4. leg press machine 4x10x60kg +
5. low row narrow grip 4x10x40kg +
6. deep push ups on kettlebells 4x6-8

7. dragon flag progression +
8. side step heel tap 3x10 each side


Wow, I have surprising news. !!
Yesterday at noon, three people from the headquarters in the capital came to the office to look for my boss. It turned out that they wanted to hand him a dismissal order.
The poor one… ran away. :slight_smile: He literally left the building secretly.
They sealed his office and left.
Of course, apart from him running away, he submitted a doctor’s note for sick-leave via email today. He is a complete coward and a wretch, I have known him for 10 years since I worked for him.
It is very likely that he will re-establish his connections with high-ranking political figures and after some time return to work.
It’s so crazy you must think i’m making it up

No friedns of mine know about this log so I feel comfortable to share my thoughts here.


Sleep 22.30- 7.00 I slept goood! I woke up once for WC only.
Calories 2,236kcal
carbs 201g fat 79g protein 173g
Rest day. I’m on vacation finally.

Sleep 23.00-6.45 I’m in Varna, a city by the sea. Seaguls cry as slaughtered again
Calories 2,280kcal
carbs 263g fat 60g protein 140 g Not exactly
Rest day. Soooo many steps like 20 000


Sleep 23.00- 7.00
Calories 2,800 kcal
carbs 334g fat 84g protein 180g
Too much carbs - too much couscous and bread :slight_smile:

Gym workout
double sets + 20 000 + steps

1. dumbbell goblet squats 4x10x22,5kg +
2. dumbbell shoulder press 4x12x(2x7,5kg)

3. dumbbell RDL 4x12x(2x20kg) +
4. pull ups neutral grip 4x7

5. incline dumbbell bench press 4x10-12x(2x15kg) +
6. low row narrow grip 4x10x35kg

7. squats with a dumbbell between legs from dead point 4x8x30kg +
8. triceps push down 4x10-12

9. dumbbell biceps curls 4x10x(2x7,5kg) +
10. kick stand RDL with a kettlebell 4x10x20kg each leg|

11. weighted sit ups 4x10+5kg +
12. lateral plate raises to overhead 4x12x(2x2,5kg)

Wow, I edited it, because I forgot about 2 exercises!!



Sleep 23.00-6.30 Too noisy …
Calories 2,720kcal
carbs 268g fat 105g protein 130g

We went out for a beer and I ate some chips - too much fat.

Rest day. + 20 000 steps
I have such painfull muscle soreness in my legs.

A luxury beach resort (too extravagant)


Sleep 23.00-8.00
Calories 2,057kcal
carbs 230g fat 64g protein 125g

Rest day. 18 000+ steps

Sleep 22.45-7.00
Calories 2,266kcal
carbs 287g fat 65g protein 130g

Street workout + 20 00 steps
double sets

1. pull ups on rings 3x5 +
2. push ups on narrow bars 3x10-12 +
3. bulgarian split squats 3x10 each leg

4. inverted row 3x12 +
5. push ups on narrow bars 3x10-12

6. inverted row reverse grip 3x12
7. front leg elveated lunges 3x10 each leg

I don’t feel fell, I have stomach ache, tiredness and lack of appetite. May be I ate some wrong food the other day. I will train more on the weekend.

A Hidden beach


Hope you feel better soon!

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Nothing serious. Just a minor illness, bad food may be …

Sleep 23.30-6.15 So stupid
Calories 2,058 kcal
carbs 205g fat 67g protein 158g
Rest day.

Sleep 22.00-8…00 Finally.

Gym workout
triple sets/double sets

1. lat pulldown revers grip 4x10x21 +
2.dumbbell shoulder press 4x10x(2x7kg) +
3. kettlebell russian swing 4x30x16kg

4. leg extenisions 4x12 +
5. leg curls 4x10x10kg

6. plate loaded seated chest press machine 4x10x(2x15kg) +
7. dumbbell biceps curls 4x10x(2x7kg) +
8. reverse lunges on spot 4x20x10kg in goblet position

Light and easy today.


Sleep 22.00-7.45 GOood!

Gym workout
triple sets/super set

1. lat pulldown revers grip 4x10x25 +
2. bench press shoulder wide grip 4x10x27,5kg +
3. RDL 4x10x47,5kg

4. single arm low row 4x10 +
5. lateral dumbbell raises 4x10x(2x5kg)
6. leg press machine 4x12x50kg

7. banded monster walk (band on the tip toes) 4 sets +
8. triceps push down with long ropes 4x10

I came home from vacation yesterday. I’m feeling terribly lazy - I did almost nothing today, I barely got around to going to work out.
I’m going back to work tomorrow unfortunately

Would you like some pictures?
I’ve been to the sea but I don’t sunbathe or swim, I just like to walk around and get to know places


Yes! Your pictures always make me long to travel and see new places. I quite enjoy them.


Royal residence Euxinograd palace
Euxinograd is a late 19th-century Bulgarian former royal summer palace and park on the Black Sea coast.
It looks much better with Photoshop :person_shrugging::person_shrugging::person_shrugging:


That’s alright, I do too :joy::joy:

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