Program and Hypertrophy Advice?

Hello everyone. Hello Mr Carter.

I am training 1 and a half year. I am 33 years old, 185 cm height, 82-83 kg, around 20% body fat (see pics below). I have a full time job. 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. My main goals are hypertrophy and drop body fat. I don’t care about single reps, being super strong, hitting big numbers on big 3.
For the past 1,5 year I am training mostly with 3x full body (Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday). A problem that I have is that I cannot stick to program. I did Stevie Reeves style workout for a few weeks, then I changed to Leroy Colbert full body workout, then to 5x5 style of training, then to a full body workout with supersets, dropsets, pre exhaust and other special techniques. Now I decide to get serious about my workouts and my diet.
There is to much information out there about training that I am really confused. Especially about training as a natural. You know… Frequency is better for a natty, build strength on big 3, naturals must build strength first, low reps heavy weight for natties, etc… I read that progressive overload and effort are more important.
Some of my lifting stats are: Squats 80kgs x 10 reps, Bench press 67,5kgs x 5 reps, Military press 40kgs x 10 reps , Leg press 140kgs x 12 reps, Static lunges 20kgs in each hand x 10 reps, Dumbbell romanian dl 20 kgs in each hand x 12 reps. I know… I am weak…
I read the articles “5 Years of Insane Gains” , “The 4 Dumbest Things Beginners Do” , GMM and “The Real Driver For Muscle Growth”.
Obviously I can’t decide which one of the workouts of these articles is better for me.
I think I need someone to tell me to stick to a program for a long period of time and start seeing results. Like “Do that for six months and don’t change anything”. I have time to train 3 time a week.

p.s. 1 Sorry for the long post.
p.s. 2 Sorry for my English.

Some pics…
20190323_095213 20190323_095226 20190323_095236 20190323_095419 20190323_095450

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If you read Paul’s article “the real driver of muscle growth” you’ll see that the ppl in that study did the same 3 day push pull legs split for 6 months. Only thing that changed was the rep ranges and thus the loading that rotated through I think it was 4 weeks.

Basically picks a few lifts, focus on setting PRs in different rep ranges, you’ll get stronger and bigger slowly over time.

All of the programs you listed are good programs. Just find the one that looks like something you can commit to. The best program in the world is the one you can stick to, push hard and thus progress on.

Good luck to you bro!


Can just run through Paul’s programs over the course of the year, about 12 weeks at a time.
Can start with this below as only 6 weeks…

then I recommend do GMM then Advanced full body or Super soldier etc


Just have like a 5 or 6 exercise selection per session based on loading the muscle based on your anatomy.

Workout 3 to 4 days a week push day, pull day and legs with off days for 25 mins steady state cardio or sprints. Do reps from 8 to 25.

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Honestly man the “real driver of muscle growth” article is where you should go.

I’d stop reading so much online as it can really become confusing about what’s the “best” way to train, when in fact what’s best is what you are going to be the most consistent with while having progressive overload happen.

The whole “nattys have to have higher frequency/higher volume” is bullshit to me.

Over the course of a year, if you’re consistent with 8-10 movements and constantly progressing on them, you’re going to grow. Doesn’t matter if you just hit them once a week. Just train REALLY HARD and try to add weight or reps each session. Simplifying it like that, which is what I did all throughout my early years, will serve you best.


Thanks for the replies and the advice guys! Thank you Paul! I will do the workout from the “real driver of muscle growth” article with a little variation like that:


A. Barbell Bench Press         3 sets with 8-12-8 method
B. Incline Dumbbell Press     3 sets with 8-12-8 method
C. Barbell Military Press        3 sets with 8-12-8 method
D. Dips  (body weight)          2 x max 


A. Lat Pulldown        3 sets with 8-12-8 method
B. Barbell row          3 sets with 8-12-8 method
C. Upright row          3 sets with 8-12-8 method
D. Dumbbell curls     2 sets with 8-12-8 method


A. 45-Degree Leg Press      3 sets, 10 to 15 reps (when hit 15 reps add weight)
B. Barbell Squat                  3 sets, 10 to 15 reps (when hit 15 reps add weight)
C. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift    3 sets, 10 to 15 reps (when hit 15 reps add weight)
D. Seated calf raises          2 sets, 10 to 15 reps (when hit 15 reps add weight)

Is this good?

I can’t tell you if it’s “good” for you. you’ll need to go into the gym and get to work.

I can tell you that I’d pare all that shit back to 1 all out set and focus on breaking PR’s in that one set per movement. Otherwise you’re going to sandbag on some of those sets. Like 3 sets of squats after 3 all out sets of leg press? Not going to happen.

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Only the last set is to failure. Sorry my mistake. I didn’t explain properly.
Obviously I can’t go to failure on squats or barbell press without a spotter… So on this exercises maybe 1 - 2 reps short to failure?

Correct. But that IS failure for squats, i.e. form failure.


Thank you so much! I will stick with that a whole year, focusing on progressive overload!

Start a training log on here and log every session. Get your eating and rest sorted too otherwise you’ll be spinning tour wheels. It is really good to hear someone listen to some advise and commit to something. Now keep yourself honest, log your sessions and let’s see the results.


I agree. Start a log tag some ppl you want to follow along. Be honest and don’t cheat yourself! Good luck man!

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Thank you!

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Thanks man.

yea what paul said. ramp up to a knarly last heavy set. move to next exercise. after a week or two, if you recovering well, maybe add a 50% set on a couple exercises.

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Thank you! Tomorrow is my first workout with the program that I posted and with Paul’s advice and I am already excited!

Maybe I will start a training log here after the first week with this program to track my progress.

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