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Planning The Next Few Months


After a bit of advice regarding planning my weight loss and exercise over the next few months. This might seem a long way off. But I’ve learnt that I deal better within a structured long term plan. So this is advice will be invaluable to me.

All help accepted.

Current situation. 102-103kg – 30-35%bf. Down from 108 KG and 35% and upwards body fat on 27/12/18.

So I’m losing fat effectively. Got my diet working for me. Eating the same food every day. Loads of protein, good quality carbs. Exercise level is high. 531 - 2 days a week, judo - 2 times a week, a standalone HIIT session a week (which I’m just off out to) and then rugby once a week.

Primary goal – increase athletic ability for judo and rugby.

Secondary goal – look great. So get to 12-15%ish body fat. Which will also mean I get into the under 90kg category in judo.


In the off season (which is 12 weeks away) I’ll have another day to go to the gym, and to keep the fat loss going I think I’m going to need to ramp up the volume to replace the lack of rugby game.

I’d like an opinion on my options.

I can dedicate 3 days to the gym. Saturday, Sunday, Thursday. So PPL seem like the “logical” choice. With Squat focused legs on Thursday, then bench focused push Friday, and deadlift focused pull on Sunday. Deadlifts on Sunday are sexy.

If I were to do PPL – Paul Carters one from the summer looked good.

I would swap the dead lift & variations to the pull day and leg exercises to the leg day.

As for “Periodized work” – can someone explain this. I think it means – you can choose higher volume for size or higher intensity for strength. This can change over time as you go through size or strength periods of training?

Would an idea as simple as “start at your 3x10 rep max – add weight every week. When you’re doing 3x5 or 3x3 then reset to 3x10” work for this? As I would naturally progress from volume to intensity and back again?

Evidently the rest of the work out would need to reflect the intensity of the main lift. No point knocking out a 3x3 rep max bench and they trying to get loads more reps out of my press.

The other idea I had was 531 hard gainers – but on a 3 day split.

Thursday – Squat

Saturday – Press

Sunday – Deadlift

Thursday – Press

And so on. The thing is – what every I do on the Sunday – gets an 11 days rest. So I would knock the deload week on the head. As I would be getting sufficient time off.

On each of work out (on either program) I will add a HIIT rowing session. Normally a few rowing sprints. 30 on 30 off works well for me. Taxes the heart and lungs but does not screw me up that bad.

I’d also like to know if there is anything I can be adding to my work outs to facilitate a bit more fat loss. The loss of such an intense exercise block as the fat loss becomes harder worries me.

If anyone has any thoughts on this – please let me know. I’m happy to consider different programme and or different ideas. But keep it simple if you can.

I know there is lots of info in there. And thanks if you made it to the end.