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Periodization Program

Started a periodized program after researching much of CT’s methods via his DVD’s/Forum Articles/Books and many of the people he works with. Added a twist for my own individualized flavor, however. Curious to see what you guys think, thoughts about this program, how you would make it better, etc. I am currently on my first week in Block 1. I detailed the first block week to week to give you an idea of how it would look, then generalized the rest of the program. Any tips on how I could improve it to make it more efficient would be awesome. Take into consideration I am looking to bring up my delts, traps and back, which is quite evident in the routine below.


Day 1 - Back, Side/Rear Delts, Traps
Day 2 - Chest, Front Delts, Abs
Day 3 - REST
Day 4 - Back, Biceps, Forearms
Day 5 - Delts, Traps, Triceps
Day 6 - Legs, Calves, Abs
Day 7 - REST

Block 1 = Strength
Block 2/3 = Hypertrophy
Block 4 = Strength
Block 5/6 = Hypertrophy

Block 1 = Strength (7-4 reps, 90-120 seconds rest in between sets, Rest/Pause Intensifier on one exercise per muscle group)

Week 1 : 7-6 reps
Week 2 : 7-6 reps, BUT increase volume by 20%
Week 3 : 6-4 reps, BUT increase intensity via increased load, drop volume 20%
Week 4 : Deload, train how I did in Week 1, BUT drop my weight by 30% and remove Rest/Pause Intensifier and take two FULL rest days at the end of this week for compensation…

Block 2 = Hypertrophy (8-10 reps, 45-90 seconds rest in between sets, Classic Cluster Intensifier on one exercise per muscle group)

Block 3 = Hypertrophy (10-12 reps, 45-90 seconds rest in between sets, Mentzer Cluster Intensifier on one exercise per muscle group)

Block 4 = Strength (5-3 reps, 120-180 seconds rest in between sets, Drop Set Cluster Intensifier on one exercise per muscle group)

Block 5/6 = Hypertrophy Open to ideas

How many exercise per muscle group are you going to have for hypertrophy? How about strength?

I was debating on whether or not to jack up my exercise volume for strength or not. Total Time Under Tension principle states that if you’re doing high reps, then there is no real need to jack your sets up because your putting the muscle under enough tension during the high rep sets.

On the other hand, if you’re doing lower reps then more sets/exercises should be executed for more TOTAL Time Under Tension, because during the set of low reps you aren’t putting the muscle under long duration of tension.

CT likes to keep exercises/exercise order the same, so I was leaning more toward not varying that aspect of training to see how my body responds. I was very very big on the variety principle, using as much variety as possible throughout my works, with great results. However, I want to push my physique to an entirely new level and for that to happen, I am taking a different approach.