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Opinions: My Lifestyle


I don't date, don't party, don't club, don't drink, don't smoke, don't have sex, never had a relationship, and got one good friend (who i only hang out with to lift weights)Don't socialize with people unless I need to and mainly don't like them em:male or female.

My hobbies and pastime: Weight lifting, eating at college cafe, and coming up with different training routines and ways to get stronger.

Non training fun- Halo, Madden, and 2 dollar movie theatres...ummm....that's about it.

I'm 19 at the moment and i'm pretty much used to this routine. Just want opinions if any on myself.


Are you happy with your Life?

That's what matters, not what others think.



My honest opinion is that anyone who lives like this is weird. I weight train alot, and come up with routines all the time, but i still have another 359degress to my life. In fact only weight train to be better at sport and to look better and feel more confident, so for me if i didn't do anything else training would be pointless.

But, who gives a shit? If you're genuinely happy, then where's the problem? If you're not, then change.


Agreed. If you are honestly happy with your lifestyle, why change it?


I agree with people about if you're happy you don't need to change anything...


Consider that there is a world out there to explore and learn from.

Personally, I enjoy trying and learning new things and meeting new people...again, that's just me.

Ya never know if you like something unless you try it, dude.



I think one of the long term keys to happiness in life is "balance."

It seem that you lack this important ingredient in your current lifestyle. This may not matter in the short term, but in the long term you are probably not headed in the right direction.

I won't go on, you get the idea I'm sure.


Well, if you're asking, then you probably aren't happy about it. Or you're insecure about it and need other's opinions. Either way, you should re-evaluate your life.

If the only thing holding you back is the insecurity, just fuck'em, I agree with you on one thing, people often DO suck (and that's not the emo speaking).


What's missing is any explanation of why at 19 you've shunned social interaction with humanity.

Your non-traing fun sounds like you substitute simulation of reality for the real thing. I suggest you substitute reading for gaming. I suggest you start with Moliere's The Misanthrope.

Hermits have a long and rich tradition. Simplicity can be the best path toward peace of mind. On the other hand, Halo and Madden suggest something else is at work.



You don't need to drink, smoke, have sex or party to have fun. That my be hard to realize, because at 19 and at college, I imagine that that is what most of your peers are into.

I agree with you, I generally don't like people, as most of them suck. However, human relationships are vital in life. Whether it dating, or hanging out with some friends, it is needed by most people.

You know, I am antisocial and found at a time that I hated most people. A good friend, and wise man, made me look at it
this way; 'in order to hate others indiscriminately, you must be holding a lot of hate inside, how do you feel about yourself?'

 Man, these are prime years in your life. I'd hate to see you spend them isolated. Get out and do and see things. Strengthen your mind as well as your body. Meet people, yeah, you won't like most of them, but you might find you like some of them. Break the routine, take the road less traveled.

 I would also suggest the taking up of a martial art. This will contribute to the development of your body in many ways, and it will also be an outlet of socialization.

 Like the above posts said, if you are happy, then do what makes you happy.

But you asked for an opinion, and with what limited information I have, this is my opinion and best advice. Wolbarret, take care of yourself.


I'd say you're missing out on quite a bit... not so much booze or sex or partying, but relationships with other people.


Sounds pretty miserable to me. But if you're happy with it, it doesn't matter. If not, change it.


Joining a club/organization that involves something that you like or have a passion for could help you find more people who have the same interests as you.

If you're realy interested in working out, designing routines you might like to train for a PL comp, BB comp or OL comp.

Or shit, join the military or merchant marines. There were many aspects of the Navy that I didn't like, but that was mostly due to my 'supervisors' at particular commands. I've also had great supervisors and have a lot of friends who I could relate to.

Definitley a different crowd of people than I experienced at any other job or in college. I would change a lot of things I did, but would still have joined the military, just for the friends I made and the travel I've done. Free pass to the other side of the world, got to see Thailand, Singapore, Diego Garcia, Mauritius Islands.


One question:

What are you afraid of???


All I wanted was opinions...and i got them in bunches, thanks everybody.


I'll do what i can to answer questions

Mufasa- Happiness is when i reach my strength goals. And good food and sleeping. And winning

Kung Fu King- Yeah, I'm feeling alright. Good post

House of Atlas- Thank you, be cool

Alpha Dragon- Learn and explore from people....I honestly don't care about the people, but just want to gain from them. The people I've seen have nothing to really show me. Those who can are usually in the weight room. As for meeting new people: No point in small talk, I don't really give a damn about hanging out. And socializing really isn't important to me. Thanks for your time


Hey, I lived that way through high school, and I was happy.

In college I've tried a lot of new things...and found I'm a lot happier.

Give it a try.


Zeb- You're right about balance...the hours between training, food, and sleeping are ...what's the word....tedious I guess. No, empty. But again, i've been trying to get into more reading and simplfying things. Good point, thanks

danmaftei- Again, happiness is reaching my goals. But again, I have questioned myself a little. In the end though, i'm good the way i am and I can't fake wanting to hang out. Thanks for posting

Loose Tool- I can still socially interact, in fact, i can be funny in and out of class. But I never go looking for people or a place to be. As for gaming, that shit's just fun. Now I don't own a game system, I use this guy to play his system. Former suitemate when i lived in dorms. Sure as hell ain't a friend, once his xbox is broke, he won't see me again. Thanks for your post and the great hermit site


You mean you're happy striving for them, or you'll be happy when you reach them?
'Cause if it's the latter, you're most likely in for a big surprise.


How do know that you'd like to shut the world out when you're 19 years old and you're only social interactions are at the gym?


combat medic- Thanks for the info and your opinion. Sorry I can't say more, but thanks again.

lmjudek- relationships? Nah, all that I need at the moment would be people to train with. I know a few.

jsbrook- What can i say?

SWR- Thank you for the information and your opinion. In fact, you given me another option as did combat medic.

The Sicilian- Afraid of?? Not really afraid, just a waste of time. But, I have attempted some things:

-Went to college social/dance, a club, and a strip club. All sucked ass. Majorly. Could have been sleeping.

I answered everyone, except for that new guy who posted. Anyway, thanks for the opinions