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One Month Off Blast and Cruise

Like the title says, I’m officially one month off of a blast and cruise that I started in May 2016 that never really ended at 22 years old. I’m 26 now. Ruptured my distal biceps tendon in July and I’m still recovering from surgery. Said fuck it, time to give myself a break about a month ago. I’ve been training my good arm and legs. Doing some chest/shoulder/back work as well with my good arm. My injured arm has lost over 2 inches of size. Really, I saw no point of continuing to cruise at the moment when I can’t train again until February.

So far, I’ve noticed that I’ve lost about 10 lbs but I’m fatter and softer. My sex drive is in the gutter too. Sitting at a fluffy 240 right now. Hit a 565 olympic squat the other day but I expect that to start dropping off pretty quickly here any day as the test leaves my system. The plan is to stay off until February and then hop back on the sauce with a moderate cycle. Probably going to do a test/masteron cycle for 12 weeks. Just started nolva/clomid. Thoughts?

You’ve been off a month? I would say prepare for it to get worse for awhile. You will definitely lose more weight and strength. Body comp will suffer. Thats just expected as your body adjusts to the hormones of a mere mortal. If your goal is to hop back on why not just run a TRT amount of test?

Ok, I am seriously hoping that I miss read or you just left out what you are using in regards to PCT…please tell me you are using SOMETHING…
I have a feeling you just said poop stank on a dirty dick, oh well it’s time for a break so let’s do absolutely nothing…
Please order some nolvadex at the very least. You could try clomid if that is all you can find but I would urge the nolvadex over the clomid. Some of us react to clomid and nolvadex just seems to be the overall more preferred SERM. Do not order an AI like arimidex, aromasin or femara. You need a SERM Wich is nolvadex, or clomid. There is a third one you might see and it’s called something like raloxifine. I listed the trade names so you might see nolvadex under it’s pharmacological name of tamoxifin or something like that. They will usually name it something close to nolvadex or tamoxifin. Remember nolvadex is actually a trade marked name brand of tamoxifin.

As far as how much to order in regards to nolvadex, a typical PCT is 40mgs a day for two weeks and then 20mgs a day for two weeks. Now there is proof from a study where they have guys nolvadex for up to three months and their test levers continued to increase for the three months. I don’t know if these were healthy guys, low test guys, steroid users, idk. The point is even though you are past the typical PCT window (well you will be by the time the order gets to you) with how long you were on then the nolvadex should help you with getting back to a decent test level faster than if you continue with nothing. Also taking a longer PCT window isnt going to work against you in this situation. So taking even something like only 10-20mgs per day for six weeks once you get it, it will still help you or at least it should.

I would seriously open a second internet browser tab right now and order some nolvadex. If you are trying to find something that will get to you sooner than ordering from overseas, try research chemical sights. The nolvadex will come as a liquid solution but it is still the same active ingredient and because they sell it as a research chemical you don’t need a prescription and it is from a domestic source vs china or eastern europe.

Ok obviously I missed the OPs last line. If you can’t tell I had an emotional reaction to what I read. I just saw the impending shit storm crash that is coming. With the SERMs you should soften that crash.

If you end up getting blood work (you need to) and there is no appreciable test level in 6-8 weeks then you can try blasting some HCG to make your balls produce test. PCT is preformed to get our bodies to make their own “HCG” so using HCG during PCT or SERM therapy is counter productive.

What are you planning to dose the nolvadex and clomid at? If you notice that you act like a pregnant chic when on the clomid, it’s because you are like some of us and react like a pregnant chic on clomid. It just needs to be something you watch for. So if you cry during a commercial on TV, chances are it’s the clomid.

well 6 weeks off now. I look like shit but mentally, I am fine. Still lifting. Still in academics full time, still working. I’m fatter, but still strong. Today was my first day back in the gym able to actually train after being cleared by my surgeon. pushed 225 for 20 after rupturing my distal biceps tendon and being out of the game almost completely. I’ve been doing sprints, and honestly I’m in pretty good shape and able to push myself to aerobic exhaustion and improving daily. No crazy mood swings, maybe some elevated acne.

I’m convinced that taking hormones and coming off isn’t as bad as people like you make it sound. You make them it sound like it’s a heroine withdrawal. I’m a hardcore bodybuilder/powerlifter who abused gear for 4 years straight and I’m off cold turkey. I feel great tbh. Gonna be hopping on a tren cycle in 8 weeks.

I personally hope it continues to go well. I know when I did PCT the working out was so very important.
At 6 weeks, you have not hit it yet. Just remember stay Positive and stay in the gym because that post workout endorphin release (or whatever it is) is going to be a life line.

Most of my friends don’t get the emotional crash until 2-3 maybe 4 months after they stop and once they connect the dots, they jump back on. Now when that “hit” happens does depend on usage length and dosage and all of that. I had one buddy who did one cycle in college and it was done so he could hit spring break. He didn’t crash and I say crash like I had to suicide watch him the next fall. I’m sure there were other things going on but those young brains work differently than our established pathways at my age.

Really it’s the 6 months post usage of ANYTHING that is the benchmark. When I say anything I mean six months post SERM usage because SERM usage is still an altered state where you are getting synthetic manipulation of your hormones.

And as you age I promise you that “preparing for the worst but hoping for the best” is going to be something you find yourself doing more and more. When we try to make shit sound bad it is so the weak stomached guys who are not sure will stop and not proceed. You putting what you put up on this thread has the serious potential to encourage someone else to make a very DAMAGING decision in their life.

Please make a point to update this thread SIX months post any usage of anything and make it an honest review so that whoever else reads this will get an appropriate picture of what you are about to go through.

well here’s where I’m at barely training and 6 weeks off. I’m back at it now so I’ll update the physique in 6 months. keep in mind I’m not staying off, I’m getting back on. It was a temporary break, and I know I’ll be on TRT for life.

My sex drive is way down, which is a given. I don’t have ED, but my interest in sex is pretty much 0. Besides that and the expected physique changes I haven’t noticed much. As far as the process goes, 6 weeks off test my levels are probably as low as they’re going to get. I don’t see it getting any worse from here. If it does though, I’ll definitely let you know.

I’m confused because you are giving conflicting statements. You say

But then

All in same post.

You also say

But then

For me a zero sex drive is probably the worst thing. As far as losing mass if you’ve been on 4 years as you stated you will retain more than someone who just did their first cycle. However you’ve only been off 6 weeks correct? Your body will adjust to the lower hormone over the next 6 months to a year and you will lose some size and strength. But like you said you’re going back on Tren so no worries about that.

I look like shit but I’m in physical shape. I wasn’t referring to aesthetics but rather aerobic capacity and strength. The 0 sex drive sucks ass for sure. What i am trying to convey is that, coming off isn’t nearly as bad as people portray it to be. Outside of bodybuilding, it doesn’t affect your overall well being and life like so many people make it sound.

Everybody is different. Am I correct that you are only off for 6 weeks now or did I read that incorrectly?

Idk if it’s in my head or what but this week I have felt like complete shit. Felt down and not like myself. It’s been very hard to get up in the morning. Tired all day. I’ve overslept for class twice this week and that’s something I never do. Kinda feel like im in a fog. No drive in the gym. Never felt like this before.

Thinking of getting on a trt dose. I feel horrible

How long since your last injection as of now? TRT dose makes sense if you plan on jumping back in the game.

7-8 weeks since last pin. I’m back training so probably going to be starting a cycle in a month or so once my arm gets used to training again.

I honestly was hoping you were going to have a good or at least “easier” recovery.

Like I said, once you get into the actual post cycle/post PCT crash, most guys connect the dots and jump back on. Please understand this is a life altering choice. I know you were planning on doing it anyway and we’re taking a break to heal but the other guys reading this need to understand what this choice means. In plain English, it is a LIFE LONG CHOICE, basically.

In all honesty I myself only PCT’d a couple of times and hated it, then I said fuck this and started blast and cruise. So I say all this from the shoes of someone who is more like you than you think. Really since you had no intention of staying off and this was just for a recovery/healing type thing, I say going on a TRT dose doesn’t seem like that bad of a choice for you and your life. In all actuality that TRT dose might make you heal a little faster vs trying to heal with a no testosterone state.

When I say TRT type dose, I mean 100-150ish mgs per week of test enanthate or cypionate. Keep in mind you might have to play with the dose but really you just want enough to function, heal and not feel like a fat lethargic good for nothing.

I always try to gear my statements toward the younger or less experienced guys in the sense that I want them to understand the parts that other seem to leave out of their comments. You have given some updates about your situation and it sounds like TRT dose is something in your future. I would still urge you to update this thread a few more times for those young guys that still can not seem to make up their minds about starting or whatever. And putting in the parts about how good looking pieces of ass still want you but you just don’t care, that should get through to them before the whole health concerns part. Updates this until you do start the TRT (if you do) and then update it a couple more times after you settle into the dose. Let the new guys know what it is like to feel so helpless about just being a normal functioning person that makes class on time. The whole passing on young collegiate ass. The lower mental frequency, I know you are not getting dumber but you are getting slower mentally. Let those you g guys know so they can realize this sort of choice is for someone who can commit to a life long choice.

I guess I preach a bit but I am just all to conscious about how our love of AAS is portrayed in the media. What they make us look like. Then young ill informed guys think they know something after reading a couple of internet pages and go and make choices that damage themselves in a public manner. They make us look bad so I always assume I am trying to talk them out of trying a “one and done” experiment. But that’s me, an old head who doesn’t like it when one bad apple spoils the bunch.

Hey man thanks for the input. I was already planning on being trt for life and living a long, happy life. Really just wanted to see if I could recover while being injured. I will continue to update and be a human Guinea pig as I will probably stay off for another month or so. Aside from what I have already mentioned, my drive for normal things in life seem completely diminished. I have not been depressed or suicidal, but I have felt “down.” My motivation for normal life tasks has been down a lot. Find myself sleeping more and sitting on the couch a lot. This is uncharacteristic as I’ve been an energetic person and optimistic my whole life.

As far as my sex life goes, in the fucking gutter. Have a smoking fiancé and haven’t even been remotely interested in sex in about 5 weeks. Dealing with the whole “you’re not attracted to me anymore.” bullshit right now.

I started this when I was 20 years old, cycled for 2 years then BC from 22 until 26. Even being the hardcore bodybuilder that I am, growing up in a chalk filled weight room, bodybuilding since the age of 12, I would urge anyone in their younger 20s to wait to use gear until you’re older. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have made myself dependent on a needle to function properly. Though, this is the life I chose, and one I will accept.

On a side note, do you think it’s feasible to get a trt script at 26? Might go for it.

More updates to come.

If you get a doctor and time your blood drawl right then you will show next to nothing in regards to test. Now depending on doctor they might insist on doing all sorts of things to include “wait and see if you recover.” The last time a friend went to a doctor they gave him a bunch of arimidex. I mean I guess if you have now test making estrogen then you might as well take a bunch of arimidex just to make sure there is no way you get any estrogen in there.

From reading up here and there and this is the only source that is relevant to your situation. The guy basically had used for years then went to get off and knew he had an up hill battle. Well after a year or so he went to a doctor and the doctor made him wait for almost another year before he would prescribe the test.
Really I think it is doctor dependant. So go ask the older guys at the gym that obviously don’t look like a normal fat 40 something and also ask the meat heads, they probably know someone who knows someone.
If you are talking an off the street type situation then sports medicine type doctors or those youth clinics maybe. If you are talking insurance covered within your network then go to your primary care and explain then ask to see an endocrinologist. Fair warning this method is going to take weeks probably just to see the endo because the primary will have to draw blood and get a reading and might want you to come back before the referral.

If you are wanting that script and want to not wait then I mention the short half life of test prop or even raw TNE. You can time your shots to be out of your body when you go to the doctor and this way you don’t have to be at zero as you wait for appointments and all that.

A respected local urologist put me on TRT at 26, so it’s possible.

Im 26 done a few cycles and test came back around 400. Went to the urologist and was honest about my use and asked for 200mg a week. He basically said your probably gonna do it rather i give you a script or not so mine as well and monitor you.

I’m gonna call and try to set up an appointment within the next few weeks. Getting worse.