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Ok.... I'll say it once again....

WTF is a CT article doing here without pics?!

Granted, the man may have a certain brilliance about him, but what of those of us that simply want to lust after him?

Can’t share your enthusiam on that one Karma. However, I’m sure there are plenty of us that wouldn’t mind seeing a more recent thong-clad picture of your fine hind-quaters.

I am gonna second you on that wideguy!!


No thong but here’s mine…lol.

OK ~karma~, your turn.

Oy… This is all I have in the way of recent thong shots… Wait till I get back from St. Croix in a month or so.

You guys crack me up!

my lord so that’s what the mountains of mars look like…the view is stunning

Damn. That was the best trade I’ve made all week.

Well, maybe not. The cup of coffee for a fuck was better but I’d have gotten laid anyway.

Can I lick the sand off of your butt for you?

Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon…

Damn, girl! Your thong shot made me start humming Culture Club lyrics. Damn you, you dirty, dirty woman! Damn you, damn you, damn you!

PS…more thong shots, please!


Pristine,pert, peachesque perfection of a posterior!!

Dammnit now look what you made me do!
Where’s the screen cleaner and a dirty sock when you need it?

Hey dicks how bout some credit where it’s due?

As for you Karma, you just gave me “proof positive” that the shot of prop. I hit off in my delt a couple of hrs ago is real. BTW it looks like you might have something on your ass there besides sand…oh wait thats just cuteness. Fortunately that doesn’t come off.

Muselhed I prefer the term
“secret sock”. It has a nice ring to it.

I’m fairly new to the t-mag forums, and heard quite a bit about karma. Now, I finally see who the famous, bootylicious vixen is.

That’s a mighty nice thong pic! Care to post a few more?

I agree, thats one fine work of art

Only a Karma post could go from lusting over some man to a bunch of drooling guys begging for ass shots. I mean, come on guys, don’t you have porn search engines. You are making us guys look like shallow asses.

Oh, Karma, could you post some ab pictures too? Thanks.

I love my new wallpaper.

Making us look like shallow asses… I thought we all were.

I have to agree with a request for an ab pic.

Well, having searched high and low, I don’t seem to have an ab pic that shows anything other than clothes… Seems when I shed the clothes people are more interested in popping pics of parts other than my belly.

So, here’s a bone. An “About to receive a spanking” pic…

Oh, and Kligor: Try doing a search on my name if you want to know some of the dirty history associated with ~karma~. :wink: There’s more pics in there too…