Occasional Partying Affecting Athletic Performance

How many of you guys party occasionally, like once a weekend, who also play sports competitively. Do you guys think it seriously hampers your athletic performance getting drunk/smoking weed a few times a month. I like partying some but I also take wrestling in high school very seriously. I never smoke cigarettes and don’t do anything during the season either. Keep in mind I workout and wrestle a lot during the off season too. What are your guys experiences?

In a big cup run or couple weeks running up to big matches… id become ultra strict.

but any coach i have ever worked with in rugby up to and including a high level, have always recommended going out after a game and having a good meal and agood few pints and party till the wee hours. they reckon it builds up team spirt. we are then in midday of the day after the match doing rehap sessions and work. everyone turns up no matter how hungover and the work out sorts us out.

for individual sports im not so sure if its a great idea… but i dont think it would hinder your performance enough for you to have lost a fight becasue of it aslong as it wasnt the night before. :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all you’re in high school. So you shouldn’t be drinking. And weed is illegal so you shouldn’t be doing that either. The DEA will be at your door shortly.

Now that we got that out of the way…

Be smart about it.

I think if you control your drinking to a reasonable level it shouldn’t be that much of a hinderance.

If you’re getting SHITFACED it will, and should be pretty obvious to you.

Its a combination of drinking (essentially) poison, staying up late, and doing dangerous things that cause the performance issues.

Your ability to recover will be less, and you’ll be less inclined to train the next day if you have a session scheduled. All of that adds up.

But if you’re not in season, and its at least a 4-5days out from whatever off season event you have then i dont see the problem.

It’s like everything else… you just need to set rules for yourself and stick to them no matter what.

example being

  1. no partying 1 week b4 competition
  2. no partying the night before lifting
  3. if partying will cause me to miss a training session i will not be partying.

Something like that.

And if you’re going to smoke, i encourage you to get a vaporizer. Or the tar and smoke etc will fuck with your lungs.


Nick Diaz (professional MMA fighter) does triathalons and MMA fights. Thing is he isn’t just participating in triathalons he’s KICKING ASS in them… with professional triathletes he’s still coming in the top 10-15 consistently. He’s KNOWN for his cardio.

he smokes A LOT but it’s with a vaporizer.

No it doesn’t especially if its only like once a week. Though most athletes will NOT party a lot in season they try to stay very serious during that time and want to win.

Keeping your stress down is one of the most important things ANYONE can do, if partying once in a while does this for you its a good thing.

Anything in moderation is really fine. Honestly you will know what is too much partying for you. Obviously being drunk and high all the time is not productive and shows you might have an addiction problem.

If I was back in highschool I would take it a lot fuckin’ easier. I won state wrestling my senior year and cut a lot of weight. What have I got for it 10 years later? Absolutely nothing. Yeah it was fun and I can brag about it but it hasn’t got me anything. I should have been more focused on boning (more) high school girls.

My 2 cents.

[quote]jpuck wrote:
If I was back in highschool I would take it a lot fuckin’ easier. I won state wrestling my senior year and cut a lot of weight. What have I got for it 10 years later? Absolutely nothing. Yeah it was fun and I can brag about it but it hasn’t got me anything. I should have been more focused on boning (more) high school girls.

My 2 cents. [/quote]

So your saying instead of being a healthy adult like you are now, probably due to your work ethic in high school, you should have been a fuck up and gone out drinking all the time? If you would have done that the only thing you would have probably shown for it is being an alcoholic by the time your out of high school and getting some random chick pregnant.

Of course it will have an effect, but you have to balance that with having fun and being a kid.

Maybe try reducing it to once a month, at least during the season. Also take it easy on the alcohol, your still growing and you wouldnt want to stunt any of that.

I recommend the silver surfer vaporizer. and kept your drinking to a minimum. beer gut.

in college i never drank or smoked, and i dont now either. i work too hard to threw any results away. research what drinking does to your body. my thing was, even for those that drank once per week, that was one day that i was gaining or pulling way from them. it all depends on how bad you want it. i was/am not willing to comprimise and i suggest the same to others out there looking for optimal results. when you are drinking, i am not, and i am getting better and you are getting worse. that is the mentality you should have.
have fun, but i dont think alcohol and drugs are the only way to have fun.

all the best to your future training,

Nothing like a few strong (hehehe strong) ales to pull mountains!

You are young… have fun while you still can.

Agree with some of the others, however this is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. Some will tell you not to drink or smoke at all which is cool… if thats what youre into… On the other hand, if you have the drive and want to perform well its not a huge issue. As in everything else, find some balance with it and try to have some fun.

Realize most pro athletes DO drink and smoke-marijuana- they don’t do it all the time though.

Enjoy life and have fun but don’t let drinking and smoking be the only way you enjoy life.

I drink, and enjoy getting shitfaced on occasion. I never smoked, because I always saw the downsides as being too many. I was playing rugby, squash and waterpolo, so my lungs were pretty important to me. I’m a fat bastard now, but currently I get drug-tested, so that puts weed out of the equation.
As I got more involved in lifting, heavy drinking became counter-productive; I’d need heaps more sleep, I’d get sick, I’d miss meals and my recovery would be a couple of days longer. Late nights and sleep deprivation would do the same thing.

I’ll still go out and get hammered, but I make sure I’d get a nap beforehand, have plenty to eat and drink (water) before I go out. And I don’t do it every weekend, but thats simply because I’ve found that my body still breaks down if I cram too many big nights in. I think thats just a personal thing, so your milage may vary.

The rest of the time I’ll still go out - I just have a 6-pack and relax, and unless something interesting with cleavage comes along I’ll head home around 12-1 ish. The team might give you shit about it, but they won’t really hold it against you so long as you do occasionally get smashed with them and hang around the whole night.

As a three sport athlete in high school i drank about every weekend unless we had a game or was wrestling season.

Do what you want. I am currently playing football in high school and I know a shitload of players that drink and smoke. Hell, some of our coaches did that during the camp I just went to. But no one really cares as long as you are ready to play. I don’t drink and smoke personally because I never acquired a taste for it. But have fun during the sport and outside of it or it will get old really fast.

Remember, do the opposite of what everybody does. Everybody drinks. Don’t drink.

I’ve smoked herb for 20 years- ever since I was 13. I am yet to see any effect from pot other than that which you feel while you are high. You come down and you’re back to where you should be.

Alcohol, if taken to excess, is another story. Personally, I can’t stand to train or compete while hung over.

several posts on here of people citing specific examples of elite athletes drinking and smoking and still playing at an elite level is simply another example of people succeeding not from what they do, but in spite of what they do.
i remember seeing world class sprinters tyson gay and wallace spearman eating chili dogs and drinking coke the day of their NCAA championship meet. both won, but that doesnt mean chili dogs and coke are going to help performance.
if you want the best results dont drink or smoke. if results arent priority number one, than drink and smoke.