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No Libido After Quitting Accutane. Advice?

Bro I’m from India. I’m facing zero libido after quitting accutane, I took it for 5 years as 5mg a day. I have erections but not as much as before accutane. I don’t have any bother about erections. But my libido is zero no improvement at all. I waited for six months still the same existed. Plz suggest me I’m living in a hell now.

Lab work is a good start

Did you read the linked thread? You’ll have to go through the same protocol as the guy did. In the beginning, so blood work and then see if something is wrong there. Full hormone panel.

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But all my harmone levels are fine, still the problem exists. I’m scared to try tamoxifen and progesterone. I have zero libido that’s the main problem.

Go ahead and post what labs you have. “fine” is subjective.


I would try a blast of test and tren… But thats just me.

My age is 28 male.
My blood test reports
Total t 645 ng/dl
Prolactin 17.8
T4Free 1.05
TSH 0.75
My phsychiatrist prescribed me bupropion 150
And tadalafil 10 mg, tadalafil helped me for erections but bupropion made me worst in terms of mood. Now I am not getting even erections after taking Wellbutrin . Should I go for estrogen test or directly take progesterone. Which you suggest? If u suggest progesterone which one I should take either tablets form or cream

Your testosterone looks fine.

I don’t know why you were prescribed wellbutrin for sexual dysfunction, I wouldn’t give it as a first choice. It can boost libido at least.
Why did he prescribe it exactly? Are there underlying mental issues or nicotine addiction? Why were you prescribed Tadalafil if erections are fine? I thought you only had libido issues?

You could do an estrogen test, do the sensitive version. You need to know estradiol then. If E2 is high, libido and erections are usually low.
Don’t take progesterone now.

What is your lifestyle like? Would you say you lead a stressful life? How much sports are you doing and what type? Are you watching porn or even a lot of porn? What kind of job do you have and how are your sleeping habits? How much are you eating in relation to your daily metabolic needs?

These are all essential when talking libido!

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I don’t have any addictions, I occasionally drink alcohol. I dont go to sports but I do workout very lightly. I run my own business which is going well and I don’t have any other mental issues. Before Wellbutrin I have very good erections but now it’s gone I have night time soft erections.I personally feel I don’t have Ed bcoz it’s may be due to no libido and even my Doppler test says my genitals are functioning and have good blood flow.
We eat rice as our daily food and I added nuts in my diet.I don’t have any stress full life.I sleep 8 hours and sometimes 9hrs.
The one and only problem I’m facing after accutane is no libido that’s the main issue for me.While I’m on accutane i used watch porn daily bcoz of my extremely high libido, and now I watch it 2 times a week even though I don’t have any interest.
I’m feeling very well with your conversation and getting so much confidence about my problem. Your advice giving me so much happiness.Thank you.I’ll update my estradiol reports soon.:pray:

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just eat your pistachios then, damn it

I need my old libido back. I can masturbate even with cilias. Do you understand?

i understand that you CANT get your libido back, but pistachios help, so what im saying is - eat your damn pistachios and enjoy how they work…

there is absolutely NO reason to believe that you will ever get your “old libido” back. my libido and sexual agression has also declined with time - its just normal… its what happens, shit changes.
and not all people are super sexual at all times… and only because you WERE doesnt mean you will BE ever again…

i used to be in a rape mode for years and then it just went bye bye, and now there are days when i dont really care for sex, so i just take cialis so i can fck my girl because she wants it, even if i dont wanna…
you dont need a libido to get hard and pleasure your woman…

Your age?

32 and age doesnt matter… there are people who want sex when they are 80 and those who dont really care for it when they are 20…

You know my libido suddenly dropped with in days and Ed also attacked me. I scared a lot initially, but now I’m feeling well that I have hope and I’ll get back my libido at least 30 percent of my old libido. Now it’s absolutely zero,

well, you said when you were on that Accutane thing, your libido was good… have you tried taking it again?

No I stopped it and I didn’t started

well maybe you just need to be on it, to have your libido… if it was good when you were on it, and went bad when you go off, maybe going back on could do something good? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your credible advice, but I’m little scared to do so, anyway I’ll try it

Since all your hormones are fine and there is no good explanation, you might aswell try it, yea. I have no knowledge on the subject, im just saying what i would try in your situation…

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