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No Libido After Quitting Accutane. Advice?

It could do something good for libido (even though there are no studies backing this) but accutane is a pretty shitty drug to be on.

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My blood work done and got the report
Estradiol 15 pg/ml
Total t 645ng/dl
Free T 26.3pg/ml
LH 2.4mlu/ml
Prolactin 17.8ng/dl
T4 Free. 1.05ng/dl
TSH. 0.75
Is there any wrong with my reports?what should I do next step?

Estradiol is a bit on the low side on first glance.

Can you add the ranges?

The range is 20-50

Do you take something to lower E2? Because your T looks good. Low E2 could introduce a myriad of psychological and sometimes sexual problems.

I didn’t use any antagonist.

I have changed my phsychiatrist and I talked with him for so much time. He accepted the cause could be isotretinoin induced sexual dysfunction. He prescribed me
vilazodone 20mg,
armodafil 50mg,
vitamin d3 oral solution 60000 iu once in week
L”methyl folatecalcium1mg,methylcobalamine1500mcg,pyridoxoa 5 phosphate 0.5mg
L arginine3gm with herbal supplements like zinc,yohimbe,tribulus.
I will update the results if it really works for me or not.

Interesting. Not the route I would go down, but try it and report back

Sure my brother :pray: