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New to the Game


Hey everyone been reading this site for years, finally signed up and am looking for advice.
first things first, im 5'10, 21 years, 190lbs and my background before bodybuilding was football and track.
Ive gone from 135-190 in the last 2 years.
Deads, 405. Squat 265 (shit). Bench 245 (shit).
I have width but i lack thickness in my muscles, does that make sense? My frame got very wide but I lack muscle belly.
When I lift I focus on the negative.
I am understanding that doing weeks of strength and other weeks of volume work wonders, but i am plateuing.
All i do is eat before you ask, 5-8 times a day, very clean eating, meal prep, lots of protein, carbs, good fats. ( i spend at least $150 a week on food ).
I don't want to say i'm genetically inferior but in sports i always had to work twice as much as the "gifted athletes" but thats not a problem b/c i will charge the workout and habits; put in double the effort.
So theres my background, if you took a bother to read thank you I appreciate it.
Questions: how to I build muscle belly thickness? Im assuming its time, i understand ive been lifting for a minute compared to many.
Do i need steroids? ( Not saying i'm going to do them but 4 years down the line i would not be opposed) Or can I achieve the bodybuilding look naturally?
I am very patient, any other advice you can offer is very much appreciated.
Oh yeah i've got 15 in biceps :frowning: and 23inch legs :(, and do focus on isolation movement along with my compounds.
Thanks I appreciate the advice.


First off, your numbers aren't "shit." I've added some decent thickness to my legs over the past year and a half and can only remember squatting more than 275 on one occasion.

Secondly, you've given us maybe 5-10% of the important information and the rest is fluff. Post up the exact routine you're doing now as well as pics that show front and back head to toe. Also, post up everything you ate for a day. Without that information any well-intentioned feedback you get will be from an inexperienced source.

Thirdly, 135-190 in two years is no joke. Keep in mind shit's definitely gonna slow down once you move on from beginner gains. It has to, otherwise there'd be 300+lb natty behemoths in every weight room.

Lastly, I actually lol'ed at "Do I need steroids?" almost immediately followed by "I am very patient."


Good to see you posting Jake!


Haha thanks
ok meals go like this:
Meal 1: 12 egg breakfast ( half egg whites so 6 eggs with yolk)
2 cups oatmeal.

Meal 2 : shake 1 scoop whey protein, 1 scoop carbo gain, 1 cup spinach, 3 cup non fat milk, 2 scoops peanut butter, 2 bananas, flax seed oil, raspberries for taste. ( feel like this is too much at once ).

Meal 3: chicken, sweet potatoes, rice,

Meal 4: bag of raw broccoli/carrots

Meal 5: more chicken/ rice/ sweet potatoes.

Meal 6: Steak with rice, brocollii/ sweet potatoes/

Meal 7: shake posted as before.

I haven't measured exacts but the servings are big for the chicken and potatoes. I need some variety in my meals or am I good?

I think the lifts r shit cause they my 1 rep max


And about the roids i just wanna know if i really WILL need them, i by no means want to do them now, Im making progress. Dunno if i wanna fuck the the endocrine system just yet, but some day yeah, and i am patient enough to wait for it.
Thanks for the replies.


Well let's wait for that day then. Get the rest of your training and nutrition down first


This. Even if you wanted to go down the assisted path, you have plenty of work to do before you should even consider that. Max yourself without assistance and then figure out for yourself what your priorities are when you get there.



The foods you listed are fine as long as your getting enough to grow. What's your current routine?