New Sounds

The Super Bowl Musicians Thread got me thinking.

What bands do you think are making a mark on forging ahead with new/different/revisited sounds that are still cool and relevant?

My vote(s) would have to be

The White Stripes
The Darkness
The Hives
Cold Play

What do you think?



JET! Fucking Jet! Everythign they play is a rip-off of early seventies Stones. Their whole look and sound is so contrived. And the hives aren’t that relevant anymore. WHen they came out there was so much hype around them everyone got sucked in…including myself. They are a good for a song or two but other than that there isn’t much to them.

None, stay old school

Radiohead without a doubt…also agree with Outkast as being about the best.most original “mainstream” hip hop out

I like White Stripes.

Who is Jet?

The Darkness is so bad that’s it’s funny to listen to.

The Hives are ok.

I can’t get into Radiohead for some reason.

That new song by Outkast is one fo the worst songs I have ever heard on the radio.

That is all.

check out.

At the Drive In


The Mars Volta

At the Drive In split and formed the other two bands.

Only for those that like the harder stuff, but quite the buzz around these guys.

I have to go with The Crystal Method. Great Dj’s with some great work.

The New Pornographers…nothing that you haven’t really heard before, but pretty cool. The Electric Version is the album to Kazaa.

I love Outkast’s new one “Hey ya”

The video is genious! The dude plays all the parts.

One more…Mr.Bungle has a killer sound,the front man is EX faith no more singer Mike Patton,check them out!

Outkast creating a “new” sound has been what they do best through out their career. Check the different sounds from CD to CD. They reinvent themselves on every release. This reason alone makes Outkast one of my favorite groups. ATLiens gets my vote for best Outkast CD also my vote for top 5 CDs of all-time, in my humble opinion of course. I’m sure many will disagree.

A little known band Called 311 is the most origional band in this modern era. They have been pumping out Albums since they were teens, and have 6 or 7 to this point. All of the albums have a different feel to them while still kicking ass and still holding down the main charachteristics of the band. All origional members and it’s all positive music. No bitches, guns, beat downs, just good music.

The funny thing is Most people don’t even know who they are even though at least one song from every album goes big for awhile. Most of the time if you run across someone who likes them they are their favorit music.

Pumkins and chili peppers are pretty origional too, they are getting old though.

“Hey ya,” that’s the song I was talking aobut. YOu guys actually like this?

One really cool band that has a following in Egland that is really unique and could potentially be HUGE is the US is Gomez. Check them out!

311 is awesome

311 sounds something like the One the Only Sublime!
Cold Play and Radio Head lead

I have been into:
Lemon Jelly
A Canadain DJ Brown
MIGUEL MIGS has some slow dirty beats

these days to find anything new and different musically you’re gonna have to search around and look for the small, unknown regional acts. All genres, be it rap, country, alt-metal, whatever, are getting too damn formula driven or elese they’re just doing what was done 15 or 20 years ago in a diferent key.

Fav new(er) bands of mine:

Evanessance: yes i know, its goth, rock, sounds like a lot of others, but Amy Lee is one of the few women in that genre, and she has a hell of a voice.

Pat Green, Corry Morrow, Robert Earl Keen, Cross Canadian Ragweed, etc,: basically the whole current Texas Music scene. The ones I listed are leading the charge so to speak, some of the best country music being made, and getting almost zero radio play, except by smaller stations. Damn shame too.

Personally, I like Outkast, the whole double solo album CD concept was fucking brilliant.


311 was putting out albums before sublime but they do have a similar style. They both basically have very fun and energetic music incorporating many instruments and styles. 311 has songs that are along the seattle bands style, then the next song can be more of a tropical carribean flow. It’s really refreshing to not hear the same exact style all the time. One example I have for this is Limp Bizkit. They started off great with a new and different sound, then they never changed and each new song started sounding more and more like the old ones.

(end of rant)

Plus 311 has awsome album names, in order 1) Grassroots 2) 311 3) Transistor 4) Sound System 5) From Chaos 6) Evolver. I may have missed one but I think thats it.

From a Rap - Hip Hop angle Gotta give props to Busta Rhymes, definately the most origional in that arena.

never heard of the other ones, but all i can say is outkast sucks my ass!

Radiohead without a doubt.

I also think that Frontline Assembly is pretty interesting stuff…

for those of us who ride the crest in the scene.

The Killers
The Shins
Dillinger Escape Plan - This band has the most jacked singer I’ve ever seen and the music is the absolute craziest you’ll ever hear
The Postal Service