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New Sounds

I’m not trying to be so negative here!

311 used to rock.

Front Line Assembly, haven’t heard them in a long time!

Another one I just remembered: Xiu-Xiu.

Flogging Molly
Dropkick Murphys
Slick Shoes
Tsunami Bomb
I definitely dig 311
Pepper’s good, too, if you like the Sublime sound

another one…Janes Addiction…

Man…all the bands im seeing are really shitty!. It either really bad rap-rock or punk. Hell i could do punk. All i have to do is be able to vomit into a microphone. The new pornographers are god though. And the postal service



Evanessance: yes i know, its goth, rock, sounds like a lot of others, but Amy Lee is one of the few women in that genre, and she has a hell of a voice.

If you want a real shocker or kick in the pants in the female singer department, try Nightwish`s song Fantasmic (Album: Wishmaster).

(On the picture, Nightwish`s lead singer, Tarja, is on the right. The other lady is the lead singer of Forgotten Tales, who just happens to live in the same city as me.)

I’m not really sure where you’re from in saying that 311 is little known, but around where I’m from I would consider them mainstream (at one time)…and sadly they were typical mainstream in my opinion. They were awesome when I first started listening to them, but over time everything they do/did sounded the same. I’ve never heard a song by 311 where I had to ask “Whoa, who is this?” You can just tell (and no, I’m not just talking about Doug Martinez’s voice, although it is quite distinct; it’s the sound of the music, as well)…

I have to second the call out on ATLiens. That album has been my favorite hip-hop album ever since it was released, BY FAR, also making Outkast my favorite hip-hop group. It actually cracks the top 2 in my all-time favorite albums list (Bruce Hornsby and the Range’s The Way it Is is number 1).

As for this wave of new “old-school” sound rock bands with “old-school” sounding names, I have to say I was very skeptical when it first hit (namely The White Stripes, The Vines, The Strokes, The Ataris, etc.), but honestly a lot of it started to grow on me. Just like anything else, there’s some good and some bad. And though it’s a bit mainstream, Queens of the Stone Age’s “Go With the Flow” has me jamming out every time I hear that song…

Feel free to bash me for anything I said.

Vegita, you’re missing “Music” by 311, which is a great album. I am a huge 311 fan, if I had to pick one absolute favorite band, they would be the one. They have a unique sound that has stayed consistent throughout all of their albums, but they have manipulated enough to be slightly different, and it continues to evolve, i.e. Evolver.

I like At The Drive In, but I have not checked out the other two bands, but I am going to have to fire up Kazaa and check them out.

Like most, I agree that Outkast is fantastic, definitely the most refreshing hip hop band out there, and have been for eight or nine years now. I would disagree on the Atliens call though, I think that Aquemini and Stankonia are better. Don’t get me wrong, ATLiens has some jams on it (just throw your hands in the a-yer), but overall I think the other two are better top to bottom.

I second the Mars Volta. They are one of the few good new bands around and one of the best. Sparta is cool too but MV are better. Neither compare to At the Drive-In though. Also check out Drive Like Jehu who was a big ATDI influence. Another group that comes to mind is The Dirtbombs. They have a new album out and are not doing anything new, but they are kinda different. For metal Meshuggah is good and keep it fresh and new. I know of a local band called Fractalia who are different than anything I have ever head. They are hard, mellow and funky all together and groove well. The guitarist has a sound that is almost middle/far eastern at times. Since they don’t sound like anything it is hard to get people interested and difficult to market them I believe, so you will probably never hear them.

Crap, I knew I forgot one! Ha, hey It’s cool if not everyone is loving 311 although I see a few people dig them. Music resonates differently for all people. Depends on you and where you are right now. Look at how many millions of people loved Elvis! Personaly I think he sucked. :wink:

I guess the thing that gets me with 311 is that there is a shitload of meaning in their music. It seems to get deeper every time a new album comes out, makes you think long and hard about “stuff”. Can’t really say that about too many other bands.

The distillers, the lead singer/guitarist is a damn sexy punk chick, and their music is good too!

If it wasn’t for bands like 311 back in the day, bands like Korn, LB, and Linkin Park wouldn’t be around.

Wait how do you figure Korn was spawned from 311? I would say that the actual musical part of Korn is a by-product of Tool…Maybe the “rappy”,if that is even a word,type vocals came from 311.

Well I dunno what it’s like in the US, but over here in England the music scene has never been worse.

I don’t think there are any ‘modern’ UK bands these days I would bother listening to. I have seen Gomez, they were good, but not heavy enough.

If I was to single out any band forging ahead, it’s gotta be Henry Rollins band. That guy is in it for the music, not all this celebrity fame crap that drives all the pinup bands.

The strokes? What the hell, the only reason that band exists is because the singer’s dad owns the Select model agency.

Old school all the way - Ted Nugent, Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Rush. Modernish - Sepultura and Dream Theater.

Rant off.

BradTGIF, T-Quinn,

These are the best bands ever:

Andy Leek and the Blue Angels
Joe Public
True Brit
007TeezDisco Band
Creweneck Ceilidh Band
Houghton Weavers
Jug of Punch
Mas Y Mas
Terry Butters
Yes Brazil

All that other crap you guys are posting is just a bunch of noise compared to these guys.


US=GG. LOL. And if you are serious, ROTFLMAO.

Underwear Snatcher = Goatballs Grabber ;p

WTF! never heard of a single one of those bands.


I thought that was pretty fucking funny. I kazaa’d about 3 of those before I figured out you were just being an ass. Kudos.

brad, out of your list i’d have to go w/ the white stripes, jet, and the darkness, all of which fucking rock.