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New Eminem Freestyle and Aingle


"Despicable" freestyle:

"Not Afraid" (single from his upcoming album)

The agression doesn't go well with those themes. Not bad though.


WOW! =)

SICKNESS! He finally seems so real. Props!


Like most of his stuff, the song is good, it'll be a strong single. From a music production perspective, they are really abusing the pitch correction (or 'auto tune') on his voice during the chorus. It's like he just tried to sing the chorus, but then programmed the notes in afterwards.

Thanks for sharing either way.


http://usershare.net/ver9wlhbm6qe <---DL link for said song.

That hook is awful. I'm still looking foreword to the record, but not as much as a few other coming out this year [especially Good Ass Job].

The new album is called Recovery [not Relapse 2] and will have production from Just Blaze, the Alchemist, DJ Khalil, Boi-1da, Havoc [from Mobb Deep], and possibly Jake One. IDon't know if it's been mentioned, but you have to assume Dre will have a track--but hopefully just one, I don't want his shitty beats all over the record. Other than Dre and Boi-1da all of those producers are underrated as hell.. so expect the beats to be pretty good.

Also, pay attention to one of the lines in the song- Em said he realizes the accent was corny and that he won't be going back to it. So that's also good news :D.


Seriously, fucking yes!


I don't even know what to say to that. Dre is a genius at making beats to match the artist. If Dre's beats on RELAPSE were bad, it's because the material was bad and the concept of the album was bad. But Dre is one of the best producers in any genere or era, period.


Wow, LD, Dre has bad beats? He is a beat making ICON! The West Side sound is the best there is when it comes to beats.


More like Dre's [little] output in the past 4-5 years has been bad, not just Relapse. Don't get me wrong, he's one of the greats and he had a hell of a winning streak in the early 2000s, but there's no reason for me to think he's got anything good in store for the new Em album. Even the leaks from Detox have been bad [btw he's done a song with Jay for that, called Under Pressure, isn't out yet.]

Also keep in mind, when Dre does a beat for Em it's almost always a gag-song. All of his lead singles are Dre produced. Other than Say What You Say, I don't think Em's ever written a serious song over a Dre beat.


I like it, very cool.


Love the freestyle,unreal.


Yeah, his beats have sounded tired for the past few years. Best examples were probably on the new 50 record, Relapse, and the stuff he did for Kingdom Come and that Busta album from when he was on Aftermath. There's a reason 50 stopped using his beats for his singles after the first record.

Of course Dre could always reinvent himself. The song he did with Jay-Z called "Under Pressure" is supposedly a more up-tempo thing. And it's co-produced by Scott Storch, who is also trying for a comeback.




I guess I like low key West Coast beats more than up tempo ones. He seems out of place now because the style of rapers has changed and nobody has OG vibes anymore.



Hiphop sucks nowadays.


It's interesting to watch his growth, comparing his first LPs to how he raps now.


He's a genius.

Hands down. Is there anyone on the planet who can do what he does? Props to him for his hip hop niche and still sounding pissed


Yeah! when I heard that he was going to be on b.o.b new album and that he was changing his album from relapse2 to recovery

I thought "maybe he will finally start rapping about real shit like b.o.b does and stop the stupid songs" and I was right


Please god, let this poster be joking.


Sorry man, but no.


His verse in that new BoB track with Hayley Williams(Kerley's future wife) doing the chorus, was seriously awesome. The whole track is good, but he goes off.