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need help with gym problems

what do u do when a group of kids twice the size of ya just sit there and make fun of you? I have this problem a lot, i’m only 5’5,120lbs and these kids are like 6’5,230lbs and all they do is get in the way of my friend and me. We can never lift without one of them saying u guys are wussy’s our they say there gonna kick our butts. I’m not asking for people to feel sorry for me i’m just asking if you have any ideas of how to put this to a stop?


smash a fucking plate over their heads! or you could “accidentally” bump into the bar when their doing some heavy squats with the intent of knocking them down and being crushed under the bar. either choice will do, but i prefer the former. either way i guarantee it will not happen again.

Tell them to fuck off. If they hit you file assault charges and sue them. I also like the plate idea. Seriously,did you talk to the gym owner? go to the people in charge first, beofre you do anything rash.

You’re in high school, correct? It’s the high school dynamic to make others miserable. With such a size difference, you can’t beat the hell out of these assholes, unless of course you’re using a blunt object. However, let’s not entertain that particular idea because it might lead to some legal difficulties and a trip to a place where large dudes will do more than just mock you. Honestly, bro, there’s not much you can do. Assholes will be assholes, especially at your age. Keep eating and lifting and, some day soon, make it a point to have sex with their sisters.

This is the bully syndrome.

Sadly it’s very hard to stop when it’s happening. Thankfully eventually it fades as kids grow up. Does this help you now? No it doesn’t.

I used to get picked on as a kid, because I was a braniac. And you know those kids that picked on me are now in prison, still living in that tiny town doing deadbeat jobs, or wishing they’d knuckled down at school instead of being a fuckwit. While I’ve gone on to be successfull, earning good money with trappings the bullies will likely never see.

I look back and think who’s laughing now.

My advice to you, ignore the shit, you’re the better person for doing it. Make yourself better, keep striving. One day you’ll look back and laugh. Remember karma.

Use it as motivation to get bigger and stronger. This way you can tell them they are pussy’s and threaten to kick their ass when you are bigger and stronger then them.

Kind of reminded me when i was 190 about a year ago. Some bouncer threw my ass out of a bar for no reason just because he could. Now 30 pounds later i dont think it would be as easy for him to do it to me again. And im gunna keep using that as the wood and feed it to my fire. Just keep training hard and smart and one day you will put them in the same situation they put you in.

Try to ignore them, they are idiots. No matter how small you are, at least you are in the gym and you are trying. You deserve some respect for that.

Keep training, keep learning, eventually these guys will turn their limited brain-power elsewhere. Don’t let these guys discourage you.

You might consider wearing headphones and a walkman.

Use it to fuel your training. Eat better, train harder, and become one of the big guys who remembers what it was like to be small. You would also do well to find another place to train.

This really makes me mad, I wish you were at my gym and I would take care of it for you. Take heart as it does go away with age. Don’t be intimidated, keep your head high get a MP3 player and crank the toons. If they were actually going to do something they would have already did it. Stay strong and hang in there.

If you are actually afraid that they may harm you file a police report, and get a restraining order.

Dude, keep your wits about you.

4 pieces of advice…

  1. Ignore them. There’s obviously something about you that they wish they had, or they wouldn’t be saying shit like that. Perhaps it’s your dedication, or your charming good looks, or your way with the ladies…whatever it is you’ve got it and they don’t.

  2. Do your squats ass to grass, so that when you can can do that with large amounts of weight sitting on your back, no one will touch you.

  3. Keep eating massive and you’ll get bigger. If your in highschool your testosterone is just exploding, so you’ll be bigger then them in no time. (I’m sure you meant they were 230 lbs of fat not lean muscle).

  4. BE EDUCATED! Hit the books hard, and get your A+'s. That way you’ll be both intelligent and muscular. The result is you’ll be the envy of everyone you know. I can tell you this last one works well from experience.

Highschool’s a shithole, where the “cool” kids think they run the world. Then you pass through it and realize that they ran nothing! Those punks are still gonna be doing nothing with their lives. With that in mind, do something with yours!

An asshole is an asshole. Plain and simple. Usually those big glug types are just using their size to cover up for some type of insecurity that they have.

You either deal with it or you go elsewhere. Just don’t let it effect your training. You’re only there for one purpose.

Be the “bigger” man and continue to grow inside and out. It’s all part of the growing process my friend!

dude im 6’0 almost 260 and i still have people at the gym that stare and say shit about me. One even called me weird, gasp! If you pay them no attention eventually it will stop. Or you can say blow it out your ass and if it continues take a small dumbbell and throw it at their nuts.

“You wanna get Capone? Here’s how you get him. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue! That’s the Chicago way! And that’s how you get Capone!”


But in all seriousness, always stick up for yourself. Even if things dont ‘go as planned’, the physical bruises you’ll get will pale in comparison to the life long emotional scars you’ll develop.

Never let them break you, outlast them.

Well I must disagree with the poster who said it goes away with age. I mean, the physical part of bullying certainly goes away, but people tend to push around and use others they perceive as weaker than them (mentally/emotionally weaker). Even for people who are big, they can still be bullied in this way.

That is why you have to stand up for yourself now and tell them to stop. You might get the crap beaten out of you, but you can’t show any fear and never back down.

You have to be confident in yourself. The more you (not “you” you but as in people in general) let people push you around now, the more you will continue to let them later in life.

I tried the “ingore them” route and while it works for adults it didn’t work when I was in school. So… I learned the above lessons the hard way.

If you are in school, the only thing is, make sure you don’t START a fight (or say “let’s fight” or anything), because nowdays in school you will be the one who gets in trouble not them. Some schools expel students over one incident now, even though obviously those guys are the problem not you, so just be careful.

thanks for the help!

Also what would u recommand takeing for supplements? What do u think works best or has the best results?

and agian thanks

Sarg - I didn’t have my 2nd growth spurt til right after high school. I have grown 5 inches and put on about 50 lbs. of muscle since then. This one angry kid used to pick on me cuz I was a nice guy and girls liked me even though I wasn’t a neanderthal. Hell, he even picked on retarded kids. While I regretted not standing up to him at the time, things just kinda worked out: he had lots of enemies, and showed up at a party one night against the wishes of the upper classmen throwing the party. Long story short, everyone he ever pissed off got a few shots in during a mass beating. Dude even got his braces knocked off. Sure, it felt good kicking him, but it feels even better now when I see his bald fat ass out in public and I can see fear in his eyes. Why? Because I channeled all that anger into my workouts and my diet, and I stuck to it. All he did was drink and eat Taco Bell. Just so happens that he has been obsessed with my girlfriend since high school and it’s looking like we’re going to get married. Now THAT is what I call getting the last laugh.

Ok sorry for that trip down memory lane…my advice to you would be not to worry so much about supplements, except maybe creatine. You have to eat big to get big. Go to your local health food store and get a big dog food bag of weight gainer like Serious Mass by Optimum. Some may disagree with this, but if you’re a teenager, you can get away with eating tons of carbs. Try to eat every 2-3 hours. What is your workout schedule like? Be more specific about your goals and I’m sure you’ll get more help.

Where is Hughesville by the way? That shit would not fly in any of the gyms I go to. Most people realize that there’s always someone bigger and badder than you out there. I can’t believe no one has said anything to these meatsticks.


I know what worked for me as far as putting pounds on… A went from about 153 to 168 in one month using the a MAG-10/TRIBEX500/M stack and Plan for Success.

CYCLE 1 (two weeks)

MAG-10: one serving in the morning and one serving 8-12 hours later (second serving optional).

CYCLE 2 (two weeks)

Tribex-500: three capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, and three capsules 8-12 hours later.

M: three capsules in the morning with Tribex-500.

I recommend at 120 lbs:
Calories - 2000
Protein: 250 grams
Carbohydrates: 185 grams
Fat: 28.89 grams (try mostly good fats) Udo’s Choice Oil is great.

2 points others already mention, but I want agree with:

(!) Eat alot and healthy

(2) get good grades/inot college/a good job etc.

If you aren’t eating enough, you will not get much bigger from working out. That was a problem for me. But even just adding a few glasses of milk a day can make a difference if you are 120 lbs.

Good grades and academic performance are as manly as lifting weights. Einstein was a man, as were most Nobel prize winners etc. You don’t need a nobel prize, just try to do well in school. If you have a good job when you are older, you will be able to buy and experiment with all the supplements you want! Hell, become a doctor or a biologist, so then you know exactly what is going on inside your body.

If you take testosterone while still growing wont it reduce your final size by reducing bone hight/width which is what this is about.
Being intelligent is not as much about books as it is about understanding peoples psyche and life experience. Extend yourself to people, perhaps even a couple of the more approachable meatheads. Everyone has something to offer (in theory) but seriously continued proactive effort they will shed their facades. They may not be worth it but you learn something from everything, much of which will be clear later in life. Try everything you can to gain experience and knowlege. I like to get involved in research studies, work experience etc early in the semester.
Bullies etc target weakness. Younger bullies seem to think weak is the same as small. If you are mentally strong they won’t realise it. Make them. How you decide to do this is another learning experience. Let your actions reflect your principles. For example If you believe in standing your ground assess what you need to do without ruining your future.
A lot of people these days think an arse kicking is the end of the world. A bruised ego is so much more important to modern society I think.

ssimon: Mag-10 shouldn’t be used if he is under 18, (possibly even 21) and does not have a decent amount of history lifting. Teens already have enough testosterone, and adding more at this point might not be a good idea. Also getting a good foundation in lifting and diet before adding Mag-10 would keep it from becoming a crutch.

Also if he is a newbie to lifting, then he should take full advantage of the “newbie gains” first.