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need help with gym problems

You shouldn’t mess with any prohormones for a few reasons. If you’re not done growing in height, androgens could cause your long bones to fuse prematurely. Also, you haven’t been training long enough. If you have the patience to maximize your natural potential first, something like Mag 10 will take you that much further. Like I said in my previous post, I grew about 4 inches after high school and I’m glad I wasn’t doing steroids like a few guys I knew. They didn’t have a clue what they were doing.

The Mage, you are absolutly right. I should have stressed no MAG-10 under 18 in my post. Sorry about that.

sargent1221, how old are you?

I dunno what time of day you’re working out now. But if it isn’t something like 6 am or somewhere around that time, I suggest doing that. Hell, even 5 am is good to get up and workout. Considering the fact that these guys are shitheads, they probably don’t have the balls or dedication to wake up that early just to make fun of you. I like workout out early in the morning because if you’re making a specific conscious effort to wake up an hour or so earlier than usual it’ll definitely teach you to be more structured with your day and you’ll definitely be more conscious about when you go to bed @ night.

I forgot who it was, but I’m pretty sure it was Mike Tyson. One time in an interview, a reporter asked him why he got up @ 4 am every day to go running and workout. His response was “because my competition isn’t.”


I lift after school around 3:30 to about 4:45 or 5:00. I’m only 16 years old. Also about lifting in the morning is it better to? and later on that day go for a jug or something?

“Sex with their sisters” HAHAHA, that cracked me up.

I understand man, im your age as well. Stand up for yourself, no matter what. If things get out of hand, use your head and don’t do anything too risky.

same thing happened to me, this group of 5 punks kept talkin shit to me.
All you gotta do is make friends with the biggest guy at the gym like me, I always lifted next to this guy that was bigger than Mike Tyson and once they saw me talkin to him they didnt say shit anymore.

apwellin: fuckwit, such a great word…

The only supplements you need are a daily multivitamin, and to make sure you are getting more than enough food. I know you may be eating breakfast at 7am and then not have lunch scheduled until noon or something. . .if this is so, pack some protein bars (like Grow!), or a thermos with some blended-together protein powder, eggwhites, chopped nuts, oil, etc. . .something you can eat fast between classes.

Don’t mess around with steroids or pro-hormones in your teen years; you don’t want to disrupt your natural hormonal balance while you’re still developing.

When you get to be big and jacked and strong, don’t forget where you came from. Don’t turn into another jackass who bullies smaller kids. Stick up for them so their experience doesn’t have to be as hard as yours was/is. Good luck.

Its been so long since anyones talked crap to me, its almost like its never happened. if i were you, go to someone in charge and make it even worse than it is, say they threatened your life, say they said they would stab or shoot you. then action will be taken. and if they do anything to you physically, call the cops and press charges.

“Fuckwit” that’s awesome!!! Apwellin I applaud you…

I’m agreeing with ND, squat ass to grass, and on an even bigger scope, maintain good form. Don’t throw around heavy stuff to try and show up “Crab and Goyle” for now use good form and eat eat eat, you’ll get it.

oh and don’t give up or give in, as much as we’d love to smash plates over our enemies heads, its better to stand up straight and be cool.

Just my 2cents worth


I have been thinking about this since you posted it and now something has occured in my life that has almost forced me to respond.

First of all…I feel that you should stand up for yourself. In a very firm way while making eye contact…hands on hips. Say something along these lines:

“Guys, I know you are having fun messing with us but we are here to improve our bodies and lives. Your nonsense is really impeeding our progress and I expect it to stop. We are not going to quit coming in here just because of your behavior. It would however help if you could respect our efforts and maybe share some of your knowledge instead.”

Now I am going to explain why.

Back when I was in the sixth grade there was a girl on my bus that was in the seventh and she loved to pick on me. I ignored her for a very long time and then one day she crossed the line and threw gum in my “Jan Brady” hair. I stood up and asked her to please get off of the bus at my stop. The bus pretty much emptied at my stop. I grabbed her by her shirt and hit her with a right cross. I blackened her eye and knocked her now broken glasses across the street. Her parents called mine and expected them to pay for the glasses. My Father invited them to come over to discuss the past history and then decide how to handle it. They never showed up…now you are wondering why in the hell I had to share this story…Well, I met her now Ex-Husband last night…and he told me that Kim always referred to me as the Bully that broke her new glasses. I told him the whole story and we had a good laugh. She how distorted her recollection of this was?

These guys are just going to keep on doing this if you don’t stand up for yourself. It isn’t like they are going to beat you up inside of the gym…and they will probably respect you if you handle the situation instead of hoping it just goes away. If they continue they will just make a bigger ass out of themselves and lose the respect of everyone else in the gym.

Befriending the biggest and or strongest in the gym is another alternative…and might be a good idea before you stand up for yourself…good insurance policy.

Do well in your studies and continue to train hard. These guys will probably be poor and fat one day and you will be successful and happy.

Must admit that the sleeping with their sisters comment made me laugh.

Best of luck to you!!

Sometimes if you handle the situation with a sense of humour you will seem like one of the boys. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Have a few jokes back at them and they may eventually see oyu as one of the boys. if one decides he can’t take it and decides to swing he risks “losing face”.
Who will remember the outcome in 100 years? Enjoy your life.