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Need Help- Smelly Foods


Need suggestions for some smelly foods... like smells that would carry into adjacent apartments.


I will give the background story later, if anyone is interested.


Curries in general.





wait......dont you have a nose?


Cabbage can be pretty smelly.


Limburger cheese. Maybe some liver sausage. As delicious as both of those (I come from a large German family), they smell God-awful.





Fry tofu in oil...it'll smell like a steaming pot of hot piss.

Really it does.


Mr. DBCooper...did you get my PM?


you smell like a pot of hot piss

you pisser


Try this


Thanks guys.

About 2 weeks ago my neighbors complained that I was smoking cigarettes in my apartment... and I don't smoke. Well the apartment manager ignored them like 2 times, then asked me. I said "I don't smoke it must be a different apartment"

The neighbors were convinced it was me though, so they changed their story to "I smell weed from his apartment"
This could have been the case a few times, but they had no reason to call the cops 5-6 times. Granted, it took all 5-6 calls for the cops to come out. They came in, smelled, and said "smells clean, you're good"...

I quit smoking weed in there, never smoked cigarettes in there... so problem solved, right?

Well, I guess they have some sort of vendetta now.. because they kept complaining until my apartment manager searched my apartment. Of course they didn't find my AAS, weed, nor was their any smell of weed, because I am not a fucking idiot.... They even checked the air filter for color change from smoke... and it was clean too, thanks to my foresight. Finally me being super anal about shit paid off.

I was told by the apartment manager that she 100% believed me, and thinks they must either just be difficult neighbors, or be mistaking the origin of the smell. She told me that the issue is no longer my concern and that she will just let them keep complaining, but will take no further action, and she said that if the police show up at my door again because of them then she will provide me with the records of their complaints, and her write up that my apartment was clean and smoke free so that I may pursue a harassment case. Well, I don't intend to do that, however her saying that their complaints over smells are no longer my concern has given me the brilliant idea to just cook stinky shit. I have terrible allergies and cannot smell anything, basically year round... so personally idgaf if my food smells like horse shit. It won't bother me in the least. But I hold grudges, and hate snitches.. back home people that call the cops like that aren't treated as nicely but since I really don't want to draw a lot of legal attention I have to respond a little nicer... so I figure they can't even complain about food... and if they do then my manager will ignore it.


Make a bunch of protein shakes in different containers, drink them (or dump them), but leave a little in the bottom and don't wash the containers.... ever. Add an egg. Keep warm, for a week or so.


Make protein shake out of OJ and vanilla protein. Enjoy shake. Leave shaker in hot car for 2-3 days. Open it and set it in the vent.


Yes shit always stinks.


Why dont you bury two eggs and leave them buried for a week. After two weeks dig them out and put them in a plastic bag.

Then continue to put the rotten eggs in your neighbors vent.

Downside you might stink up the whole fucking apertment buidling. FUCK IT....Casualities of war is what I say!


Have you tried hitting them?


I really think you should just live your life and not worry about them


So rather than leaving them with no basis for complaint, you would rather they have something to complain about (no matter how frivolous)?


Agreed. There will be hundreds of people like that in your life time. Is this some age or cultural issue?