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Need Help- Smelly Foods


It's a "keeping it real" issue.


Oh boy you can have some fun with this.
If you know which car they drive you can be really mean. Cook your self up a nice big pot of Asparagus and eat it. Drink a few beers, wait 'til your piss is absolutely rancid. Piss in a cup, poor it in their air intakes (right in front of the windshield) and pour generously. Repeat as necessary. They'll have to burn the car.
You can also pour this into the seems of their door.
Getting a few dead fish and putting it outside their windows would be quite the treat.
Breaking off a paper clip in their locks would be good and mean. You can also pour something nasty in their mail box.

Also, if the cops come, tell them to get a warrant. I honestly can't believe they came out. And so what if you did smoke?

Along the nasty food thing, you can alway burn popcorn, that shit goes every where and it's nasty.

I am not advocating revenge..... :slight_smile:


Its more like an "I get bored and like to fuck with people after they fuck with me" issue...

They called the cops. I only smoked weed in here a few times. The night the cop said they called in the complaint they were investigating, I was out of town. Even if I was smoking 2-3 blunts a day in here then calling the cops is a little overboard IMO.. yeah its illegal, but who is it hurting?

The people I hang out with back home do not tolerate snitches. Me making them smell some stinky food is a pretty mild retaliation.

Not to mention they fabricated complaints. Claiming it was nightly, calling the cops more times than I even smoked weed here..

After I quit doing anything and gave them no basis for complaint, they kept complaining and the apartment manager searched my place.

I understand the idea behind just ignoring it.

But I do and always have taken great satisfaction in any sort of revenge. Yeah, it means I am petty, or immature, or whatever when it comes to that, but I enjoy it.


You should be able to puff away in your own apartment, that's ridiculous.


Not only that, but I'm sure the cops have more important things to do.


True Dat You Gotta Keepz It Realz Homie


If you are all clear just fucking blaze dude. Blatant. They probably did smell it but now it doesn't matter.

Why fuck around with food?


Have you tried talking to them?


They tried reporting me to the police, and to the apartment manager first instead of talking to me.

So I will try to be a petty asshole and make their apartment (and mine in the process, but my allergies make it impossible for me to smell anyway so I don't care) smell like something died in it.


bra, the only real answer is Indian food.