Need Help! Frustrated

[quote]Ark94 wrote:
Weight: 170lbs

Lifts *1RM: Beginning Now
Deadlifts 95 335
Squat 55 245
Bench 45 185
OHP 45 125[/quote]

In July 2011, over a year and a half ago, you started a thread and said:
"I weight 179lbs morning weight. I have been training seriously and consistently since January, 2010.

My lifts are (1rm) : Deadlifts - 315lbs Bench - 185lbs Squat - 210lbs"

Is there a big chunk of story you’re not telling us? Break a leg? Move to a deserted island? Fall into a coma? Or were you just not actually focused on your goals the whole time?

Agree to disagree.

Based on that pic, I wouldn’t necessarily say you’re skinny fat. You’re just still developing and have quite a ways to go.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

You’re definitely being harder on yourself than you need to be. You’re not anywhere close to being a fat slob, so don’t even stress about it.

Problem how? Like, you don’t eat enough? You feel physically bad when you eat them? You gorge on soda and chocolates as your main carb sources? You need a diet that provides plenty of calories form fats, protein, and carbs. Check this article to get a better idea of the foods to focus on:

As a basic rule of thumb though, if the scale isn’t moving up every week, you need more total calories from high-quality sources.

Call me crazy, but… curls and extensions?

You have a decent strength base, so I’d focus on good old fashioned bodybuilding.

Attack that type of plan 4 days a week for the next 3 or 4 months without interruption and, as long as you get your eating in line ASAP, you should get back on track.