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My Other Left

That’s right, bitches.

Yay! Well let me be the first to say welcome back (unless someone ninja-posts and beats me to it).

How many left feet do you have or is that a new pair? :slight_smile:


cal- indeed, madam, you are the first. woot!!

skye- new pair. Joey decided to “fix” the black ones and chewed off the pulley strings. on both of em. evenly. i dunno how the little fucker did it, but it was so neatly done i couldnt be angry. so i wear em for fun.

I’ve got the champagne on ice and the good flute glasses all lined up on the bar. The party is back on!

yay! party time!

Yay! Welcome back! You were very much missed! How was the Arnold?

KimbaKimba: Your avi is very sexy. Don’t know if it was meant to be, but it damn well is!

entertainment for the party:

so, i started lifting heavy things again. feels good. i know i needed the robertson fixes, but oh how i missed feeling powerful. recently, have been to a couple REAL gyms, the kind that are storage units filled with large, strong men and very big weights, very small attitudes, and priceless training experiences. I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to do so.

video will be posted when available. 10lb PR involved. my conventional deadlift has been critiqued, much improved, and more importantly, possible. havent been able to do one correctly since… no fucking clue. hadnt even tried, before saturday, since october. even ripped off one of my baby callouses on my right hand in the process. it was so worth it.

gonna go warm up and take the puppy to do some hill sprints.

you heard me, bitches.

CBear!!! I was JUST going to post in your log “AHEM It is time for you to come back now…”


Welcome back!

[quote]Grneyes wrote:
KimbaKimba: Your avi is very sexy. Don’t know if it was meant to be, but it damn well is![/quote]

Thanks Grneyes!

CBear, I’m looking forward to seeing video of you lifting in such quarters. Whereas, I am stuck at a wimpy-ass Y, where today while on a deadlifting deload some dude comments to me that he couldn’t believe I was lifting that (1-0-fucking-5).


deb- i like that we shared the same thought. now, lets share the same shower.

pmpm- oh hai! and thanks!

grneyes- it was sweaty, crowded, smelly, rude, overpriced, and loud. like a state fair, but with more teeth. almost as many mullets.

kimba- I’ll still be lifting at my Y on the regular, and I have to say, I’ll miss being able to drop my deadlift.

tonights work:

hill sprints x10 on my “starter” hill. run up walk down, no rest.

when i dont feel like vomiting upon completion, i have another hill in mind thats MUCH steeper.

Welcome back to the zoo.

Great to see you back CBear, and also great to see you’re still in fighting form. I also look forward to the vid & I think I may have to find a starter hill of my very own.


Thought about seeing how long we could go without posting on each others log…you win. I take showers regularly, I do not offend! :stuck_out_tongue:

HUZZAH! You’re back!!

I’m technically on hiatus - but this is a post-worthy moment.

Can’t wait to see what you’re up to (insert smiley face).

Stepping in the compound quickly to mark my territory…BRB.

Glad to see you put this drama behind you. I might need some pointers!

joe- i likes the zoo. mind changing the paper at the bottom of my cage? thanks.

rblue- i appreciate the vote of confidence, but i will correct you… “back in fighting form,” is more accurate.

MIM- at this point, i stay out because i won’t play into whatever delusion you have that this is a popularity contest. I’ve made that comment before but i may not have been harsh enough. i read you, though.

Masch- I can fix your hamstring. Just need to get my face between your thighs…

Toots- hai, woman!! if ur gonna mark your territory, u can’t do it on the carpet.

My hammie has been bothering me for 3 weeks now. Where’s mah luv, Dr. Bear?

She’s baaaack!
It’s good to hear things have gotten better for you.