My 1000% Awesome for Size and Powerlifting Plan

I finished my last cycle of BTM yesterday and wanna do an other 3 day approach of 5/3/1. On the grounds of a few upcoming competitions I need more volume on the mainlifts and want to grow in the upper end of my weight class (83kg).
I know “do the programm as written”, but I haven´t the same goals as everbody else at the moment, so I would be thankful for a little help.
And to make it clear: I don´t want to get fat to reach my goal of a higher bodyweight. Getting stronger, mainly in the big 3, do a higher volume of the mainlifts and adding muscle are goals that can be done at one time.

Squats 5x5 @85%
Bench Press 5/3/1 @FSL 5x5 + Chin Ups @50 Reps
(Assistance: Push Ups, Face Pulls, Core)

Deadlift 5/3/1 @FSL 5x5
Press 5/3/1 @FSL 5x5 + Pendlay Rows 5x5 or db rows 5x10-20
(Assistance: Arms, Delts, Core)

Squats 5/3/1 @FSL 5x5
Bench Press 5x5 @85% + Chin Ups @50 Reps or 5x5 (weighted)
(Assistance: Shrugs, Face Pulls, Core)

Thanks for the update on your plan man. Also, big thumbs up on your opinion.

I was really hanging out for those. Now I can finally get on with my day.


Sry bro, I read the typical answers on this forum, so I wanted to make everything clear before the first guy comment “just eat to get big” or “do the programm as written”

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If you want to try out different things or change a program up, just do that and commit to it for a few months. Then look back and see if it’s getting you to where you need, no need to get more complicated than that.

If you don’t trust your own programming changes-either from lack of experience, or because your competitions are too close and you don’t have time to experiment and assess results - then stick with one of the 5/3/1 programs already out there.

If those aren’t a problem then go with what you’ve written, no reason not to.

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