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MarkKO's Training Log


Congrats man, lift looked great.

Did you find the ammonia afterwards?


Woke at 257.5 lbs, looking slightly more bloated than yesterday but nothing extreme.

@littlesleeper yes, it landed on the couch.


That was exactly my thoughts when i read it.


I can now set up my attempts for meet day. I enjoy doing this.

Been a big week, worked around 50 hours and I’m doing a half day tomorrow too. Enjoyed it, because I got given a fair bit of rope and only hung myself a little. On top of the fatigued maxes I’m pretty beat though. Happy, but beat.

Ok, so here goes.

For squat and DL we go 90-92.5%, 100-102.5% and 103-105%; bench 90%, 100% and 102.5-103%. TBH I already know I’ll open at 90

230 kg/506 lbs - 237.5 kg/523 lbs
257.5 lbs/567 lbs - 262.5 kg/578 lbs
265 kg/584 - 270 kg/595 lbs

130 kg/286 lbs
145 kg/319 lbs
147.5 kg/325 lbs - 150 kg/330 lbs

255 kg/562 lbs - 262.5 kg/578 lbs
285 kg/628 lbs - 290 kg/639 lbs
292.5 kg/644 lbs - 300 kg/661 lbs

We all know I’m going to open at the low end. Those are the loads I’ll be hitting in week four. Seconds I’ll keep at the low end because I’ll hit those weights next week. My thinking is that this will give me a 33 lbs PR total no matter what, a total I know is there because I’ve hit those exact numbers fatigued. I’m conservative in these matters so it’s a no brainer from where I sit.

Thirds are where it gets interesting, or not. There’s every chance I’ll just go 584/325/644 for 1553 lbs. For one, I’m conservative. Second, unless I’m going to win something worthwhile I see no point in risking a nine for nine day. If there end up being something like 10 dudes in the 275s and I’m in with a shot at a win or a podium, that would change things. I’d be willing to risk going nine for nine in that situation, within the window of my attempts. The likelihood of there being that many 275s is minimal. One guy I do know of who is almost certainly competing will beat me tidily on his openers. I’d say it’s a fair bet we would be the only 275s there.


sick rundown. exciting.


I love the way you treat your lifting Mark.
No wonder you’re strong as a beast.
looking forward to the actual meet and what weights you choose


Woke at 255 lbs on the nose, looking similar to yesterday. Still pretty tired. Need to eat more today.


Looks like a solid plan…hope you kill it!!!


Woke at 257 lbs, looking way less bloated. Slept a buttload and feel better for it.


Finally got around to doing what I was meant to do on Friday. Nothing beyond loosening up my joints, but still. Definitely feeling looser now.

Air squats with broom stick
100 reps: 5x10, 50

Needed the 10s to open my hips. Amazing how quickly they tighten up now. Mix of being bigger and the high intensity work I guess.

Walking lunges
4x50 feet

Lying leg raises
50 reps: 25, 25

Did all this at home. Hips back to normal by the end too.


Woke at 257.7 lbs, looking more bloated than yesterday but nothing extreme.


Todays training

McGill big three and air squats

Squat, mono
2x5xbar/60 lbs - walked out
5xplate/148 lbs - walked out
3x2 plates/236 lbs - mono from here
2x3 plates/348 lbs - belt and wraps on at five revolutions
1x4 plates/456 lbs - six revolutions
2x1x506 lbs - seven revolutions. This will move very nicely on meet as my opener

Paused squat for a three count in the hole
2x2x368 lbs

All up an hour and 10 minutes


Woke at 256.8 lbs looking similar to yesterday. Everything fucking hurts.

I should qualify that. Since peak started, I’m way more sore than I am during accumulation. Same warm up, same stretching post. I just take longer between sets because now it’s about expressing strength instead of building it.

Result: so much more DOMS and soreness. Hell, somehow my lats are just constantly pumped despite doing no rowing of any kind.


Given this, why do you think the doms is so bad ??


At a guess, less blood flow. It isn’t like singles and doubles are going to flush out my muscles. Also higher stress on the muscles, with more units activating.


Todays training

Chad Aichs lower back stretch, SuperD shoulder stabilisation thing, band work including Y-raises and hand release pushups

Bench press
3x176 lbs
1x220 lbs - probably the fastest I’ve ever moved two plates
1x253 lbs
3x1x286 lbs - tried to comp pause these. Pretty comfortable

Paued bench three seconds on the chest
3x3x220 lbs

All up an hour and 15 minutes


Inspiring stuff Mark, rooting for you here man.


Thanks mate.

Very kind of you.


Hell of a session. When is meet day?


That looks like a hell of a lower body session. Do you ever have trouble sleeping after hard sessions?
The night after hard lower body sessions, I can’t stay asleep and get up 2-3 times. The next day, I’m basically a zombie
Thanks for your advice on my thread by the way