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MarkKO's Training Log


Woke at 256 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.

@bigpappafrance March 24th. I’ve got deadlifts this week and then just next week and I’m done.

@anna_5588 generally no, training doesn’t impact my sleep. That said, what you describe is my regular sleep. It is very rare for me to not wake up at least once during the night. Glad I could help, also.


How late at night do you train? Do you use anything different supplement wise on lower body days? I often lift late at night and find sleep no issue as long as I give myself a bit of time to relax and wind down. I also take zma supplements that help me to sleep better.


Holy shit, nice deadlift.


Thanks man. I’m looking forward to 300 kg for my squat and dead. Deadlift should happen by the end of the year, I think squat end of next year. Bench will get to 180 kg but I think that’ll be closer to two years. All depends. I’m just going based on 2.5 to five kg on my lifts every peak. That translates to around 5-15 on each lift in meet.


Man…get after it. I’m working on gaining some much needed weight now, haha.


You have no idea how much easier that will make progressing. You just have to keep at it.


Yeah, that is the plan. Trying to eat is the hardest part, haha.


Woke at 255.7 lbs, looking less bloated than yesterday.


Fucking tell me about it.


Todays training

McGill big three and band good mornings

DL, DL bar
3xplate/154 lbs
2x2 plates/264 lbs
1x3 plates/352 lbs - belt on and mixed grip. Felt really easy. Obviously the bar was lulling me into a false sense of security.
1x4 plates/440 lbs - belt not tight enough for comfort. Cue titanic struggle to get to my second tightest hole.
1x506 lbs - fuck me dead that sucked. Belt still not tight enough. Rep looked much better than it felt. After more struggle reverted to second hole because no way I could get to the tightest one. Must be bloated as all fuck
2x1x562 lbs - first was a shitfight because I didn’t brace quite right. Second was better. Both felt heavier than last week’s max.

3x5x314 lbs - used straps and kept belt on. These felt amazing.

All up an hour and half. Belt fuckery was a fair bit of that, the rest was resting enough to get through the day.

Week three is hard. Four isn’t much better, but at least it just has singles at my last warmup and no accessories.

Meet day will feel amazing.


Woke at 257.9 lbs, looking more bloated than the past few mornings. Some of that is salt from dinner. Some is also too many dried apricots I think.


Haha, as Swede says “This is not the payoff for our work, it’s a death march”.

I’m sure I could figure it out by looking through your past workouts, but are you running a 7 day or 9 day microcycle? As you can see, I’ve been reading The 5th set books and it has intrigued me.


Woke at 257.5 lbs, looking a tad less bloated than yesterday.

@littlesleeper I suspect seven days. Our waves run within a week like so

Heavy squat
Short rest bench
5x3 periodised (used to be 4x2 and an AMRAP but Greg saw too much overuse shit) deadlift

Then next week

5x3 squat
Heavy bench
Short rest deadlift


Friday is accessory day, one week bench variation and assistance with upper back and one ab exercise; next week squat variation and assistance with upper back and one ab exercise.

Greg talks about having taken Brandon Lilly’s waving idea from Cube and the 4x2 and an AMRAP from 5thSet.

I miss the AMRAP TBH but I understand why he took it out. We were all getting a little too gung ho trying to beat each other’s numbers and/or beat our previous numbers which wasn’t the point and was getting risky as fatigue built up. If anything the 5x3 is harder. I think he’s moving towards limiting the rests for it too, last I saw he said one to one and a half minutes between sets or something. That’s fine for me because that’s about what I take anyway.


a strong bench!!!


For a 255 lbs dude kind of mediocre, no? Better than it was before, but it’ll be a while before it’s good.


Woke at 257.9 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. Feeling a lot less tired. Very glad Monday is a public holiday.


Woke at 259.3 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. Feeling better again. Slept a ton.


Good to hear you are feeling better Mark. Not long till till comp day now.


@simo74 tell me about it. Your lurgy is improving too, yes?

Tweaked something in my lower back while seated. I’m talented like that

Todays training

McGill big three and air squats

Lower back and hips really fucking tight

Squat, mono
2x5xbar - hoooo boy
2x5xplate/148 lbs - extra set to try and loosen up my back and hips
3x2 plates/280 lbs - first set that felt even remotely normal
2x346 lbs - belt on, wraps at five revolutions. Felt ok, mostly because the belt and wraps hid the shitness
1x407 lbs - wraps at six revolutions
3x1x451 lbs - seven revolutions, second set was the best. One and three just out of groove.

Thank fuck no more heavy squats till meet day.


I have a feeling in my three chest hairs that you are going to put up something impressive come meet day