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MarkKO's Training Log


These numbers are based on Swede Burns’ system?


Nice work Markko. This prep looks like it is leading you into a great meet


It’s impressive how much you’ve added to your bench over the last couple years. If I remember correctly you were benching somewhere in the 270s when I first joined the log section.

I guess a guy can make good progress if he follows a plan for years and avoids injury (or in my case, training ADD).


You have more discipline than me to take an attempt at 595lbs. I would NEED to go 600lbs or bust, lol.

EZ. Nice lift man. 11lb PRs all over the place. When are you hitting that deadlift single?

I’m excited for this meet!


Great bench Mark, good speed and very staple.


lol same.


Woke at 256.4 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.

Again, thanks guys.

@chris_ottawa Greg’s, which is very similar to Swede’s.

@littlesleeper @adarqui I try very hard not to get attached to numbers. That’s another thing Greg hammers into us. I won’t squat 600 lbs this meet, so what? If I keep adding a bit to my squat every meet I’ll get my 600 and more.


Haha, yep. A smarter and completely different mindset than mine.

A blend of liking nice round numbers, simplicity of telling people how much I lift when they ask, and reaching new milestones/goals (which are always round numbers) in addition to my competitive side would make me throw caution to the wind for the extra 5-10lbs.

My last competition I ended with a 1593lb total. Once I knew that I was mad that I didn’t try for a bigger third pull to hit 1600lbs. It probably worked out for the best that I didn’t know this, or I may not have went 3/3 on my deadlift!


yup, understand completely. it’s intelligent & disciplined. it’s good coaching & good athleting.

i’m not really attached to numbers much either, but when it comes to different “century marks” or “minutes”, i’m personally just greedy and/or delusional. the equivalent in running might be a 6:00 mile vs 5:55, or 5:00 mile vs 4:55, or 4:05 mile vs 3:59. i mean even by myself squatting, i’ve been pinned on safeties so many times. just going way heavier than I should have. it’s probably alot easier to bomb/blow up in races than PL meets tho: easier to be a greedy nutbag when you can compete every week, and it’s not as stressful as competition 1RM’s.

your reasoning about:

“I won’t squat 600 lbs this meet, so what? If I keep adding a bit to my squat every meet I’ll get my 600 and more.”

is probably the exact same reasoning i’d use, but to justify going for 600 instead of 595. lmfao!

that’s funny when you think about it.

but ya going for 595 vs 600 is a tactical decision that matters right now, but the real “prize” is many years down the road.

and 595 lb is 269 kg or 9520 oz, 600 lb is 272 kg or 9600 oz. perception is funny.

get it!

peace man!!


If I squatted 595 there is a 3,000,000% chance I would be telling people I squatted 600.


Have you seen some of the fuckwits in this sport?! I routinely see people grind or completely miss openers on squat and bench especially.


yea. unrelated: the worst thing i’ve seen though is when the spotters are awful. those videos are fucking insane.


You mean USAPL/IPF meets? Yeah, they fucking suck. Go to any local meet though and the number of people you’ll see take stupid attempts is mind blowing.


That’s exactly what I was thinking!


The problem is they all go in to hero mode and open with shit way to heavy, or they haven’t practiced the proper pause, which when laying there waiting for the press command can seem like an eternity to a bro newcomer


It isn’t just newcomers either lol


Woke at 256.4 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.


Todays training

McGill big three and band good mornings

DL, DL bar
3xplate/154 lbs
1x2 plates/264 lbs
1x3 plates/352 lbs - belt on mixed grip
1x4 plates/440 lbs
1x517 lbs - looked ok, felt fucking awful and made me bit edgy
1x573 lbs - felt better, but seemed like my belt was too loose which was odd as it was on my tighter setting.

First, got Jay to tighten my belt one more notch. I’m surprised it went in. Maybe my gut is smaller? Doesn’t look it.

Second, instead of going for a five pound PR I loaded 11 lbs. I simply said to myself, don’t be a pussy.

Then go to my unpleasant place (which I’m getting better at), took a decent huff of ammonia and

1x628 lbs

All up an hour and 15 minutes


Oh yer its 11 11 11 in here. Quality


Hell yeah Mark PR’s on all lift fatigued.
Looking good and a little talk to the camera, just to show it was nothing.