Lyle McDs GBR Query


Been doing full body for the past 3 months and looking to move to some version of UL.

I like the look of this GBR. Question being is it fine to do A/B then A/B again so not variation in the exercises between both upper/lower days or can the second upper/lower days be changed so there is a variation in exercises?

Upper A:
Inc DB Press
Pull Up

Upper B
Inc BB Bench
Underhand Row
Chin Up
Hammer Curls

Appreciate “most” things work as long as diet etc is in check but was just curious if this routine was written to be performed with both Upper/Lower days each week being the same

Thanks in advance

Doesn’t he have a way to contact him or a forum for questions about his programs ?

I don’t see much talk about him on these forums so the answers may me sparse (for example I’m pretty well trod around here am I don’t know what that acronym means)

Check out this article from Lyle’s site … he does an analysis of the GBR based on what he knows now.