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Lump At Injection Site


I realize this has been covered a few times but I thought I'd explain my situation.

I had my 5th 500mg test e injection on Sunday. Was in my right glute. Using a 22ga 1.5" pin. Wiped area with alcohol before and after, no bleeding. Usually I get soreness for a couple/few days after, no biggie. But this time I have a bump, which as far as I can tell is hot to the touch. It's not very painful, pretty much only if I press on it.

My two questions are:

1.) What are the chances it's serious?

2.) If it gets worse and I need to see a Doctor, what do I tell them? Do you guys play dumb or tell them straight up you injected test and this is what happened?


I am going to assume you are being serious, Get your dumb ass to the ER tell the doctor exactly what you did.

This could be numerous things which cannot be diagnosed for the millionth time over the internet on this or any other message board.

yes tthis could damn well be serious the beginnings of a major infection , abcess, cellulitis etc.

And for all you do it your selfers there is a definate art to giving an injection and just because you wipe with alcohol does not mean you can't get an infection that could possibly lead to aputation, death or a very painful rcovery including having a large chunk of necrotic tissue carved out of your ass.

P.S. Sorry I called you a dumb ass just getting your attention I wish you the best do not however hide what you did from the doctor the more he knows the better off you will be and the less time it will take for him to figure a course of treatment. This is vital do not hide anything if you are lucky this will be contained fairly quickly make no mistake though I was not kidding about any of the above.


You gave yourself the shot Sunday? Usually the soreness and pain should all be gone by now. IMO.

Agree with Bodyguard. You might need to go visit the Doc, just to be safe.

Best of luck with it,



Couple of things.

First, it's probably nothing. 500mgs is alot to shove in at one time in one site, and 22g is pretty big, but then again I'm a pussy.

Second, get some keflax any way you can. I think it might actually be spelled cefelax, I'm not sure. That stuff is god like.

Third, if you can't get any, and it gets worse, go the dr's. I would give it at least a couple days though. I've had that happen several times, don't know why it happens though. Did you wiggle the needle around more than normal?



No wiggling that I can recall. I did not do the injection myself, my friend who has done it the entire time did it. He's very good and gets it very deep in.

Nothing else to add really, I just took a very hot shower and washed the entire area. Again, not very painful, atleast not unless I put some pressure right on the bump, from what I can tell it's about 3" wide and an inch or so high.

And props to you Bodyguard, you know how to scare the shit out of someone.


Are you running a fever? That would be a definite sign of infection.

On a side note I've crammed 5cc of 300mg/ml test into my glute and that sure as hell left a lump for a couple of days.

I'll give you the standard advice that you should go to the doc. . .

Although if it was me and there was no fever I'd just wait and see if it gets better or worse, better I don't worry, worse I go to the doc.



If it is not red and VERY warm you DO NOT have an infection. More than likely it is an injection over an area where you have injected several times before and you have a minor reaction AND the use of 22 guage pins.

I don't understand why people use 22 or 23 gauge pins? The size of the pin causes the majority of the trauma, not the steroid. Use 22 gauge pins to draw the steroid into the syrine, then switch the needle to a 25 gauge and inject. The ONLY reaon to use the larger needle is for a water based steroid that will not go through the smaller pin.


No fever, hot injection site. Little bit better today. Also leg day, so hopefully will get some blood to the area. If it's not better by Monday I'll go to the MD.

I agree with you about injection site. He injected closer to the center of my buttocks and that usually provides more discomfort/issues than when he injects on the outer perimeter.


These things are hard to deal with over a computer because only you can know what is going on. I have had some bad injections in the past, and I think the psychological stress that something might be wrong is the worst part of it. Anyway.

When you said "no bleeding" does this mean that your friend pulled back once he had the needle was in and only clear bubbles came up? Or do you only mean that there was no bleeding after the needle was removed?

You might have nicked a blood vessel, or even went through one. I have a lot of experience with injections, and I can feel when I am in a vessel, or drive through one. (I still pull back on the syringe to check for blood) But if I do hit a vessel, or go through one (on the surface, but inject into muscle) there is a slight swelling at the site. Even if you don't inject into a vessel, but nick or drive through one, there will be clotting. This might be your lump. But agian, only you can prevent forest fires ... I mean, only you can tell how serious it gets.


what brand was it?


I'm pretty sure that water based stuff flows through smaller pins that oil based stuff, but I could be wrong. zambons will go right through a 29g.



I wouldn't shove more than 3cc/ml in 1 cheek. If you do you'll probably be growing a golf ball sized knot in your ass that'll last about a week or even 2.


There is no Suspension on the market that will go through a 29 gauge pin. The Supra Winny has a tough enough time going through a 25 gauge, forget about 29 gauge. I cannot answer for Zambon amps as I have never used them.


Good point. The most I have ever injected at a time in a spot is 2cc's.


QV Brand. No blood as in no blood when he pulled back on plunger. I had originally meant when he removed the needle but now that I think about it, I can't recall. The first 3 injections there wasn't any bleeding but the last 2, I think one of them bled after he pulled it out. Can't recall if it was this one or the previous.

I just did a heavy leg day of squats, leg presses, extensions and calf raises and some GHRaises. Feels pretty good, I must admit the psychological aspect of the whole thing is what always gets me.


Suspension won't go through a higher gauge due to the SUSPENDED test particles in it, has nothing to do with the water.

I've never used supra winny, so I can't say anything about that. QV winny also goes right through a 27g, never tried 29.



It sounds to me like your buddy doesn't know how to give an IM injection in the glute or at least his landmarks are off. Make sure he's about 3" south of the Illiac Crest and to the left or right depending on the side you're on of medial.

A little pain and mild swelling is OK but if you're getting golf ball sized lumps at the site and pain it's either too much Test and/or blood from hitting a blood vessel. Also remeber the Sciatic Nerve runs right around the middle of your glute and if he hits that you'll have a real bad day.

I'm sure you probably know this info already, but I'm just trying to cover all of the basics to be sure.


Very good point.



Play the waitin game man. Use your head. In a couple of days it gets worse and not better, go to the doc. You will get lumps @ the inj. sight and 500mg is not to much for one sight.I popped 500mg test e and 400 mg decca......not npp but nandralone undec. I did this for 4 mos. no problem. Be sure to rotate sights. ex. delt,glute,quad,.

Some people even pop thier trap but I find it to be to much pain to say the least. A 22 x 1 1/2 is pushing the limits by the way. A 23 should be max. Heat your gear in a heating pad before you pin. Message the sight firmly after you pin the juice. Putting ice on the sight will help out also. I find it best to work the muscle as soon as possible. T

his helps me as far as sorness goes.Just letting you know what works for me bro. There is no set way to do this stuff. Do not and I stress DO NOT take it lightly.........Be clean with everything you do while you pin. I hope some of this helped you out some.Let us know how it works out.

Good Luck,



Getting better, appreciate all the help. One thing though, on the bodybuilding.com forum they state you should NOT massage the injection site of oil based injections. Apparently it can run back up the injection path and enter any blood vessels that were punctured or go back up into subcuteaneous tissues.

Any comments on that?