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Low T, Low GH, Hypothyroid Possible, Metabolic Issues. Hopeless in Australia


Haha nice!!

the most awkward moment my life was having a testicular ultrasound! Lost a lot of dignity that morning haha


No unfortunately, but im sure i brought him a nice meal with the cost of the appointment.


Yea ive got one coming up


@theninja was that the clinic on Glenferrie Road you went to? I’ve seen their details, but never enquired.


Yup that’s the one :grinning:
Would be awesome to get feedback if others have been there. But after spending 3yrs and easy over 10k on this, most impressed I’ve been. I’m a bit sceptical on the test/sarms cream, but I guess I gotta have a bit of faith!

Are you in Melbourne as well?


Ok so i haven’t read the forum rules i have seen other threads with people discussing dr names and locations, pharmacies thats support.

Why are we being so covert about dr names?


I’m normally in Melbourne, but currently up in Brisbane.

There are two more clinics I know of in Melbourne: one in Moonee Ponds or Essendon, and another associated with the Recomp PT operation in the CBD.

As I said, I’m curious to hear how you get on with that clinic. I’ve been tempted to give them a call in the past.


Living the dream haha, I would love to live in the Sunshine coast! I plan on it one day. I’m in the inner Easter suburbs :grinning:

Yup the one in Moone Ponds doesn’t have a great rep. I initially went there and so did one of my mates. both of us very different, both same protocol hahah
500iu HCG everyday
200Mg Hexarelin ed
Sarms 22 Inject after workout
Nolvadex ED

then eventually added Letrozole when my E2 went up to 300! It’s like a production line there…

Recomp looks interesting though…

will post updates. But like I said light years ahead of anywhere else!!

N is it just me or do Aussies seem to not get move love or response on this forum haha? I’ve posted a few legit questions, no answers…


haha good question!!!

I’ve read that putting names out publicly is a sure way to make life very hard for them…


Mark life hard for the Dr…

I can see being a few ways good and bad.

  1. If there are people who are trying to fake their need for trt just to get pharma. Would be annoying for them, an make them less liberal for genuine cases.

  2. More revenue for the drs that are genuinely interested in hormone management and like to understand and use modern methodologies


Agree with point 2.
But you would have to be farkn crazy to try to cheat the system to get cycle doses here!


Its easy to do though, qld tightened their laws because of the bikies doing it.


To my Aussies, just heard back from the compounding pharmacy it’s $75 for 3ml of Test E…

on a side note, the endo just got back to me saying they have received approval to put me on clomid… two months later… In two mind if I try it or just stick to what I’ve started. I’ve done HCG n Nolva previously which did raise my levels etc but didn’t make to many other differences


Thats great news, i have also a lead to speak with anti-aging clinics that focus on sports science.

From my research some of these companies they actually make their own products with own labels legally.

One company I spoke to said they are in the same position as us. Then told me a ugl their customers are using for the time being. Lol
They also followed up to say call back next Monday as they may be getting a shipment of Sustanon 250.

But these guys essentially take the time with you and map out your goals and will prescribe basically what ever you want.


In Melbourne?


Yea most of them are in Melbourne


Cool, are you going to the one in CBD or Moone Ponds?
either was keen to hear what you end up doing protocol wise


Moonie pond i think


Wait, do they even prescribe like, nandrolone decanote, HGH, peptides, SARM’s and all that stuff, I know the clinic you’re talking about, I wouldn’t go there at the moment but I’m just curious if they’ll actually prescribe “WHATEVER you want” when it comes to hormones, is there a minimum age requirement. Is it legit, do they moniter you with bloodwork?

Didn’t they get busted like four years ago for prescribing deca, winny and stuff. Could I reasonably expect to get 200mg of test/wk scripted to me, it’d put me right at the top of the ranges?


From what i have been told you can basically get what you want to neet your goals.