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Low T, Low GH, Hypothyroid Possible, Metabolic Issues. Hopeless in Australia

Hi All!

Have learnt a lot reading in the background n hope to keep it going. N gain some more tips n hope from others who have had similar experiences.

Long story short, have been dealing with this shit for over 4 years now on a mission to find answers. Have spent big $$$$$ to only find out there is a lot of integrity lacking in the health industry! Have had a huge amount of blood work, MRIs, ultrasounds etc, seen Endos, sport docs, normal doctors, Naturopaths, dietitians, shrinks etc

29yr old, 172 cm n approx 90kg at 21% BF. Never cycled before or similar.

Current symptoms

  • Almost impossible to shed weight, can train and diet like crazy but not much happens. On a keto diet for a while which is the only thing I feel that has helped a bit with weight and general mood.

  • Lack of energy motivation and drive! seriously CBF doing anything. But continue to push through all the shit, as I know once I stop/cave it will be a big hole to dig out of!

  • Sex drive has gone to shit :frowning: still have morning wood though. Just for the most part CBF

  • My ability to deal with stress is almost none existent these days!

  • Feel like I’ve past my peak, I use to be ripped and flying in my early 20’s, but gone to

  • High blood pressure

  • Pathology wise- Low T, Low GH, Hypo thyroid, high insulin, bad Chol,

I’ve put off going on TRT for a long time, as I’ve always wanted to try to find the cause to why I feel like this and address it and still undecided on kids, but haven’t had much success. I’ve attempted a restart before with HCG and Nolva without much success, my T levels rose but didn’t feel much better apart from a big libido boost for a few weeks.
So I’ve finally decided to take the big dive into TRT. Finally found a doc from reading on this forum who will prescribe, not exactly the protocol I want but at least it’s a start. Docs recommendation-
Sus 250 injection once every 2nd week
Pregnyl 1500iu once a week
Arimidex .5mg twice a week.

I know that’s not the best protocol and I haven’t started it yet, as im still working out how I will split doses etc given my subscription. Much prefer 3.5d SubqT injection and 250iu HCG injections

Keen to hear thoughts and any advice from experienced members of things I might be missing!
Also would be great to hear from fellow aussies on how you make TRT work down under!

Ive attached my bloods, let me know if you need more info!

Testicles don’t seem to be responding well to really good LH stimulation. Sus 250 injection once every 2nd week isn’t good enough, this doctor should focus on optimal. There’s nothing wrong with injecting smaller doses more frequently. Use 27-29 gauge insulin syringes and inject in shoulders and outer quads rotating injection sites.

High Reverse T3 could explain high TSH which wasn’t tested. We see this alot, doctors ignoring Reverse T3 testing and I believe it’s do to costs. It cost three times as much to test for Reverse T3 than Free T3 and Free T4.

The Arimidex dosage is too high for a starting dose, no reason why you can’t start low and go slow. Some are AI over-responders, these men need a fraction of that dose. I would leave the AI out until symptoms are present and labs confirm it.

My anastrozole dose is 0.050 dissolved in 1ml of vodka and dose .2ml twice weekly, felt E2 drop in 30 minutes.

Powerful stuff…

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Thanks! Will try to push for that to be tested. My TSH has been slowly rising which all the docs seem to dismiss :sweat:
Yup was thinking on skipping the AI till I get bloods post TRT to confirm what’s happening

The easiest way to split the dose is to inject half the contents of your preloaded syringe, replace the cap, and then use the remainder (with a new needle) the following week.

Dr Z suggested this to me. :slight_smile:

No Primoteston available… So no preloaded syringes…

Yepp 100%, thats what i do. Never had an issue

That only allows for weekly doses though right?

@systemlord hoping for some knowledge!
Was only going to tackle one thing at a time, that being my T for now, but couldn’t help but to do temps.
Morning Temp using a digital thermometer is 95.5 on avg and just did a mid arvo which is 97.
Which I believe is low? But I run hot as anything! Sweat easy and get hot easy!
Keen to know your thoughts on this whilst I wait to get my next set of bloods in a few weeks or so. Was tempered to run a full thyroid panel now, but have read starting trt can throw things for a bit

If you need both TRT and thyroid treatment there is no reason to put either off. Sweating easy is likely low estrogen, hot flashes and sweating is common among those with low testosterone and low estrogen. Thyroid problems can also cause you to feel hot or cold intolerances.

Hopefully the new doc I’m seeing understands Thyroid…
My E2 is on average around 20 pg/ml which I believe is borderline low…
Hopefully I can get the sweats sorted haha!
I was trying to tackle on thing at a time, as going through this for years have created a crazy amount of stress for me! But feel as if I’m getting closer to solutions. Any good threads on here on progressive thyroid management?

Hi all! Hoping for some feedback please :grinning:
Has anybody used A Test/Sarm compounded cream combo?

Saw a new Doc today that I was pretty wrapped with!

  1. consult went for approx 90 minutes. Full body exam and also did an In body Scan. Looked over previous bloods and really took the time to understand my issue.
  2. Was the first Doc to actually be proactive with blood tests, has organised a full thyroid panel as discussed on here, plus a large comprehensive list that no other doc has done.

Recommended Protocol-

  1. 0.5ml Test/Sarm cream AM and PM
  2. CJC/Ipam 0.15ml injection in the evening before bed.
  3. 0.5mg Arimidex twice weekly if needed.

also made recommendations/improvements to current vitamins and supps.

I was pretty set on going on either Test C or E, the doc was willing to do this, but insisted for me to try his combo initially. Given he was beyond doubt the most thorough and knowledgeable doc I have met so far, I didn’t really argue this to much.

Keen to see if anybody has ever done similar!
look forward to hearing from others :grinning:

Wow wow wow, hold your horses. You doc wants you to use as test, sarm, peptide combo with AI.

Thats crazy awesome. I hope it works for you. Im a strong believer in peptides and certain sarms. In my hayday put on 10kgs like it was nothing and kept it.

Keep me posted

haha I’m a bit overwhelmed by it.

Will post updates. Been trying to do research on Test/sarms cream but unfortunately can’t find much…

Who is the doc??? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha we need PMs!

I spoke to the pharmacy we both use and they put me onto him :grinning:
based in Melbourne

The dog also told me I need to take a back seat and stress less! But here I am still searching forums like farkn crazy!! Even though this doc was awesome, I think it will take me a long time to trust!!

Man, without this forum I would still be suffering big time. Does he do phone consultations/travel? Is he expensive?

hmm not sure on those two.
Was $300 but was in there for close to 2 hours and had full physical, in body etc

Thats mad, all i get is a 15min slot. My balls played with and a man going wow they’re still big for such low test. Lol

Now he doesn’t even play with my balls. I dont have any lol

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Did he at least buy you dinner first?