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Low SHBG and Test Clearance Time

I just finished a long cycle with a couple of dhts. My shbg last lab test was 7. Now probably even lower.

My question: i Switch back to TRT now to give my body a resting time. 100 mg test.
Since my shbg is low now can I inject e3d 50 mg or will I piss it all out after one day with a shbg in single digits. No daily shots. Not planning going this route

Your SHBG is probably going to go down regardless of what protocol you’re on…

Yes I know that. But my question is when I inject e3d will it all go in the toilet one day after t shot?

No, it will not.

I’d do it daily for a bit, then eod, then 3.5d as your shbg (hopefully) comes back up since you’re off the orals/heavier AAS

I would really like to avoid more than 2× week injections.

@highpull but i read often that low shbg will metabolize test faster. So it’s not true? I also tried to find studies but found noting. So it’s bro science?

I have low SHBG (12) and when I was on an every 3 week protocol, 10 days out my Total T levels were in the 600’s ranges putting my Free T levels in the 25-30 pg/mL range.

I recall a member who had high SHBG (50’s) on TRT and his levels would drop drastically in only 3 days and he also struggled with low E2 and had to inject EOD to keep levels in the upper 3/4 of the ranges and also E2 from dipping low.

There is no one size fits all when talking about hormones, everything will depend on the individual.

Thank you so much guys. Now it’s clearer.

Dunno man, its ALOT of broscience when it comes to this. Some people seem to do fucking great with once a week shot with their super low shbg, others swear by ED injections.

My question for you is: How was ur libido during ur cycle with crashed shbg?

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Since I cycled with lots of DHTs E2 was very low most of the time. Libido was so lala and i had a difficult time ejaculating. But when my E2 was in range i was horny.

My shbg is usually between 16-20. Still low. But now it should be single digits. I know that creatine increases shbg. I will pre load and take 5 Gramm every day to increase it.

However my biggest concern was that i would eventually piss all the test out and now it’s all good. If E2 skyrockets because of the low shbg i will pop an Aromasin. I just can’t force myself to do Ed injections or eod because I travel so much. I know that’not an excuse.But i am happy it it works for other guys

Bro, from the heart… just don’t. Take your TRT dose and let your body stabilize on its own. Your SHBG will come back up on its own slowly now that you’re off thenDHTs.


Correct, it is not true. Internet stuff, I suppose. Below is a guy taking 200mg once a week, lab drawn at trough. As you can see, he has plenty of testosterone left in his system. I have many examples similar to this one.


While it may be fun to experiment, don’t over think it. Good luck determining what works best for you.

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There is one study that shows this using guys on Anavar + TRT, but it’s a small n=3 group. But they did see lower SHBG and as a result, lower TT at trough on 1x week injections

My question would be, could he get the same result at trough from less testosterone if he was injecting say EOD?

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Don’t know, only one way to find out and he is doing great with current dose and injection schedule so he is not interested in changing anything. However, I did not suggest it. As he reports being very happy, it did not occur to me to ask him if he’d like to try less, inject more often, and see if he felt the same.

Plenty of guys do like to experiment, which is fine. I just do not see the love for every day or every other day dosing reported on internet forums. Almost every patient who tried qd or qod injections went back to weekly or twice weekly dosing. Whatever works.

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Oh yeah, if he’s feeling good now, no reason for him to change it up just for the sake of experimentation.

Thank you such for the informations guys. Wish you and your families a blessed Christmas

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i am doing everything daily forever as its just easier to remember and i can use insulin syringe and make daily sticking less unpleasant that 23G E3D.

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Our guys use a 27g 1/2in for the twice weekly dosing. Less liquid.

My SHBG is 7. I inject once a week. It makes no difference whatsoever. I have been on every single protocol you can dream up and the difference between one or the other is as far as I can see immeasurable. Other guys have that Princess and the Pea syndrome where they notice everything now matter how small.