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Looking for Fast Results, In a Short Time

Greetings oh wise ones,

As the title indicated, I am looking to drop as much weight as humanly or inhumanly possible before July 1st. Why that’s such a short deadline you say? I fully understand that, and don’t expect a massive transition. However I do want to power into this as much as possible. What I am looking for is any dietary and workout routine advice.

My current diet consists of primarily Lettuce/Spinach ( Light Olive Oil/Vinegar Salt/Pepper )
Eggs, Ground Beef, Lean Ground Turkey, Chicken, Tuna. The extent of seasoning is salt/pepper/Garlic.
Occasionally a small amount of kalamata olives.
Greek Yogurt

To expand on this slightly, an example of my daily intake.

Breakfast : 1 banana, 6 Eggs, 2 Slices Turkey Bacon ( if feeling luxurious )
Lunch : 1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt, Ground Beef or Turkey with Brown rice, and Spinach.

Dinner : Ground Beef, Steak, or Turkey. With a side salad consisting of Lettuce/Cabbage/Spinach, 6-10 Kalamata Olives, with light oil, heavy vinegar, salt and pepper.

I am trying to limit my carb intake to small amounts of Quinoa, and brown rice early in the day ( Early lunch ).

At this time, I am currently hitting the gym M-T-W,F-S, resting on Thurs, and Sunday. I am more than willing to add additional times, or even going in the morning, and again in the evening. This time last year, I was in much better shape, but due to life circumstances I fell behind, and gained much unwanted weight.

Again, as mentioned above, there is very little I am not willing to do to achieve my goal, and any input you may have will be greatly appreciated.

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Eat as little as possible and mainly protein. Eg:
Breakfast- 6 egg whites
Lunch- 1 chicken breast
Dinner- 10 prawns/shrimp

You’re goimg to feel like a train wreck and lose a bunch of muscle, struggle to perform in anything and probably do some serious damage at the end.

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Ok, so not attempting to be combative, simply curious.

Why egg whites over whole eggs?
Chicken breast sounds good.
Why prawns/shrimp? How would you compare vs Tuna, Tilapia, Cod?

What are your sentiments on protein shakes? Mainly comprising of unsweetend almond milk, Kale, Banana, Blueberries, Strawberries, Dymatize whey isolate?

I am looking to combine this with a high output workout, so while I do want to keep my calories, carbs, fat, sugars on the lower end of the spectrum. I will allow myself a very minor amount of leeway, because I will be keeping VERY active.

Lastly, and I should have included this in my original post. But any suggestions of supplements to assist with weight loss/appetite suppression that work well, would be appreciated.

For the fastest results look into the RFL diet.

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What you posted looks fine. Have a read of the get shredded diet on this site. It works very well - make sure you read the get unshredded diet as well.

V-Diet. Really. Do it. Just do it. You know.

this is the best option. God it sucks to do but it really works

Go with white rice over brown

What kind of results have you had @Yogi1? Did you use it while on cycle?

@Yogi1 Was your comment in relation to the V-Diet?

Yeah I’ve done it with assistance and without. You’ll drop a noticeable amount of fat in either situation, although obviously drugs help loads.

Na mate, the Rapid Fatloss Diet that Seraphim mentioned. It’s by a guy called Lyle McDonald. It’s essentially just eating a huge amount of dietary protein and not much else (no carbs, no fats), but it’s worth reading what Lyle’s written about it. You can find the pdf fairly easily online

Thank you to all those who added input, did my research into RFL and have decided to go that route.

Day 1 : Breakfast, 1 Scoop Dymatize Whey Isolate 6 ounces Unsweetened Almond Milk 1 Banana

Lunch, 8 Cups Romaine Lettuce, Half a sliced cucumber with Vinegar and Salt. 4 ounces of Tuna.

Dinner, will be 1 Scoop Dymatize Whey Isolate, 3 Ounces of Unsweetened Almond Milk 3 Ounces of Water, 4 Cups of Romaine Lettuce with half a sliced cucumber w/ Vinegar/Salt.

Rough caloric estimate puts me around the 650 range. I would like to decrease this as close to 400 as possible for tomorrow, I will be cutting out the banana tomorrow, and moving forward as I do not feel the Calorie vs " Satiate" is worth it.

Beginning Monday, I will be doing an EC stack to assist with my bodies weak will, otherwise known as hunger.

However, again I turn to you oh wise ones. Any suggestions on how to get more bang for my buck? and before any smart ass response, I know these next few weeks are going to be horribly unpleasant. : P

I fully understand what I am in for, and I have my goal set and will achieve it. But I would like to do it as efficiently as possible.

uh, yeah, that’s really not the RFL diet…


I’m just finishing the book. Did you really only do 2-3 workouts a week? I usually train 6-7 days/week so I might be bored as fuck after work :slight_smile:

However, since I’m category 1, and the book suggests only 11-12days of the diet so I might give it a go.

Would you recommend trying to get clen/t3 for someone not using gear (i.e. Is clen supressant?).

Honestly, training in that serious a deficit fucking sucks ass so you really won’t mind missing a few workouts.

Yeah 11-12 days on the diet is plenty!

I’m a big fan of clen, but I’ve never used t3 so I can’t advise on that. It is reputed to be pretty catabolic so unless I was using androgens alongside I wouldn’t.

Clen on its own along with the RFL diet will do some pretty drastic things to your body. You’ll look different every day when you wake up. It’s pretty cool.

If you’ve never used clen or don’t know much about it then do some reading up on it first. It’s serious shit, so make as informed a decision as you can on whether or not to use it.

Get some Plazma and do the conditoning workouts in Alpha’s logs especially the ones with complexes and 400m sprints

Yeah I’m definitely not looking to try it (at least not before trying RFL on its own), more curious of the effects on someone who ran it with RFL and to see if there’s any point of running it, considering no other AAS use.

If ran during RFL, what timing would be appropriate? 2 days on 2 days off? Slow taper up from 20 mcg?

Thanks for the insight, much appreciated!

well it definitely works, so in terms of fat loss there’s absolutely a point. Just depends on whether you want to go down that route.

I personally don’t like to be on it for long, so I do like Mon-Fri, then I take the weekend of that week and the full following week off. So it’s like a 5 on/9 off.

Yeah the first time you run it taper up until the sides are almost unbearable. After that you can just jump in with the dose you like every time. I stick to 80mcg, personally. If you’ve got good clen that’s plenty. Be careful when you switch brands though, they’re really inconsistent so even if you handled 100mcg the last time don’t jump straight in with that if you buy new stuff, even if it’s from the same company.

Thanks for the detailed response!

So, provided that one would use it just for the duration of the RFL diet, one would use it just for the first five days and then quit, would this make sense?

I’m just thinking the 5 days of sides would be worth it if this would severly impact fat loss.