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Layne Norton's PHAT for a Beginner-Intermediate Lifter?


Have any of you guys ran it? If so was it too much for you personally or lead to injury. I wonder if not having percentages and just trying to get more reps on compounds is a bad idea. Thanks guys


It’s a pretty good idea as long as you’re not an ego driven fool. If you use a moderate load adding reps will get you bigger and stronger. You’d probably want to have some idea of when to add weight though, so for example you might add 10 lbs to a lower body lift whenever you hit 15 reps at your current load.

Not speaking about the program, BTW, just that particular point.


Yeah that makes since. I used to just try to just get more and more reps and eventually switched to percentages and I didn’t know If it led to an injury more with someone that’s not a beginner. Thanks


Generally injuries come down to the same things
regardless of how long you’ve been training:

  • ego
  • poor recovery
  • poor technique
  • bad luck

None of those are unique to inexperienced lifters at all.




It’s a good program. I have made the mistake of going to failure on many sets… it wrecked me. If done correctly it is very challenging yet can be very rewarding.